The first thing you did was try to get in touch with Ursel. Asking around, you found out she was taking a meal in the Freighter Pub, run by Condon. Rolling the cart through the streets of Hildebrande, you parked it outside the pub; Legion offered to stay outside and keep watch on it, but, after glancing inside, Puki volunteered (vigorously) to guard it instead.

Entering the pub, you received a warm wave hello from Condon; you guessed he might have said more, but he was working on a stew of some kind. Dwarven, most likely, considering the number of dwarves in the place. Ursel was finishing a late lunch with two of her men when you walked over to describe, discreetly, what you had outside. Shocked at the news, but decidedly grateful, she quickly finished up and said that she and her knights would bring the skull away for safekeeping, the result you were hoping for.

After some small talk, you parted company; on the way out, you could see Condon engaged in an intense conversation with a table of dwarves; at one point one of the dwarves pointed at you and said something…to which Condon nodded his head. Not understanding Dwarf, you had to let it go for now, but you made a mental note to ask the pub owner later.

Your next step, you figured, was trying to see just how much the Syndicate knew about the attack on Harrowdale, and would they make another play for the skull. Before you could decide what to do, a mayoral message-runner caught up to you, letting you know that His Honour wanted to meet you at the temple to Makaria, alongside the cleric Itotia. Not wanting to make waves, you followed the messenger, who was singing a tune the whole way there…and it was good. Overall, it would have been a very pleasant stroll indeed if it weren’t for the part where you crossed paths with David, who just stared…intently…the whole time you walked by, never saying a word.

The sheriff could indeed be unnerving…

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