Rainier inspects Minoru’s brainy wound on her left forearm… those steel rods have mutated the flesh and equipment which came into contact with it into pulsing brain tissue.

ADDENDUM: When Magnus and Rainier used bodies or materials to pass through the totem pole metal rods, whatever came to contact with the rods turned into pulsating brainy tissue as well.

“I theenk we need to cut eet owwwt.”

The cleric turns to Gallydyn and asks the sorcerer to heat a blade of a dagger with his magics.

In doing so, the sorcerer passes the red hot bladed dagger to the cleric. Rainier then motions to the Magnus to help hold Minoru still.

“Hold steel my friend. Bite down on thees.”

Rainier removes his leather belt and places it in the girls mouth. The savage restrains the Minoru from behind and holds her left arm steadily.

“Ready?” asks the cleric.

Minoru nods and takes a deep breathe.

As Rainier commences to cut the brainy tissue, Minoru does her best to fight the urge withdraw from the pain and stay still, and whatever writhing she reflexively does, is restrained by Magnus.

It takes time to remove the mutated flesh. During the removal process, Minoru receives visions…

The totem-pole metal-like structures which caused the mutation is a weapon. It is a weapon used by a living dungeon to create more living dungeons. Interacting with the poles in any way (poking them, throwing things at them, and especially using magic) causes them to discharge…

She also has a vision from an alternate reality where the town of Candlefen and other cities in the Dragon Empire are targeted by this weapon and are turned into living dungeons…

If there are other weapons like this out there they could spell doom for the cities of the Dragon Empire.

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