Nildaru had previously discovered that Garados had fled to Hildebrande from Eldolan, after your confrontation with him.  Now, it was a matter of tracking him down within the city.  After spending a few days making inquiries, Nildaru discovered that Garados had found shelter under the protection of The Syndicate.  Therefore, it was about finding the Syndicate safehouse, and that was a larger task.
The Syndicate was careful in how information was distributed amongst his members, though; there was only one person that Nildaru discovered who knew the location of the safehouse, a man of diminuative size known as “Short Paul.”  There was a lot of confidence that you could get the information out of Short Paul.
Complications arose, however.  Apparently, your search for the safehouse and Short Paul raised a few flags, and the Syndicate put a hit out on Short Paul to prevent him from squealing.  Apparently, Short Paul fled Hildebrand and sought shelter elsewhere…rumour has it that he found a protector in a wilderness-type criminal going by the name of Jezzinta.
If you want to find Garados, it looks like you’re going to have to find Jezzinta’s lair.
Icon Relationship Dice rolled from last week, available to use this week:
Idris: 6 N with The Three
Michael: 6 P with The Great Gold Wyrm
Nidalru: 6 P with The Prince of Shadows


The Black Dragon criminal had the following in her treasure hoard:

1000 gp in mixed coins

A cloak that bears the markings of the Emperor’s Coat of Arms…

Indivisibility Cloak (1/day): +1 PD. The metal threads in this cloak make
it hard to cut. A critical hit against you becomes a regular
hit, or a regular hit becomes a miss. Quirk: Certain of own
immortality (as long as you have the cloak).

…and a suit of plate armor that is tinged slightly red and gives a bit of a static shock when you touch it for the first time.

Armor of Red Lightning: +1 AC. When a demon or devil hits you with a
melee attack, it takes lightning damage equal to 1d6 times your
level. Quirk: Misinterprets jokes as insults.

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