The adventurers are on a mission from the Orc Lord to slaughter all the orcs in Ironvale


Items found/aquired:

Chain Armor of Iron Will
The steel links of this heavy chain armor have an opalescent quality that reflects light around the wielder in a splay of muted colors, which some believe to be spiritually divine in nature. The armor bolsters the mental defenses of its wearer.
+1 AC and MD.
Quirk: Prone to abstract speculation.

Supple Boots of the Slippery Eel
These soft boots are made from the skin of the giant black eels that live among
the Wake Islands in the Midland Sea. The eel skin soles are surprisingly resilient and surprisingly slick.
+1 to disengage checks. Add your Dexterity modifier to your disengage checks.
Quirk: Loves puns.

Elven Cloak
Each elven cloak, often called a “forestfold cloak,” is said to be sewn by the handmaidens of the Elf Queen and holds the memory of her forest court within its threads.
+1 to PD.
Add +10 to checks to remain hidden in natural surroundings.
Quirk: Prefers the finest things in life; of course, they are elven.

Helm of the Undaunted Hero
Those who have the will to follow the Crusader can do anything, many of their helms become imbued with their endless courage. Many of them also don’t have owners anymore.
+1 to MD.
Recharge 6+ (after save roll): At the start of your turn, you can roll a save against one ongoing save ends effect as a free action. Make the recharge roll immediately after you
use the power instead of during your next short rest.
Quirk: Favors traditional battle hymns.

Shield of Protection
This stout kite shield bearing the likeness of the Great Gold Wyrm once belonged a paladin who fought beside the Gold in a past age.
Enemies engaged with you take a –1 attack penalty against your allies.
Quirk: Tends to others with too much familiarity.

Symbol of Gathered Power
This oddRecharge with full heal-up: During a short rest, you can regain an expended daily adventurer level spell. symbol has a different precious gemstone forming each of its three prongs.
Quirk: One-track mind.

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