After the defeat of Nuzbok and the quasits, Idris notices a skeleton in the corner. LONG dead, the heraldry on the bones obviously marks the dead warrior as having served the Great Gold Wyrm. It is wearing a light chain shirt, and holds an elaborate sword handle in its bony grip. The same skeletal hand still has a golden ring on it, again in the shape of the Wyrm.

Armor of Red Lightning:

  • When a demon or devil hits you with a melee attack, it takes lightning damage equal to 1d6 times your level.
  • Quirk: Misinterprets jokes as insults.

The Sword of Light

  • This sword-hilt is without a blade, but when you will it a blade of glowing light springs forth.
  • Artifact Description: The sword’s hilt is gold, inlaid with silver, bronze, copper, and brass, and decorated with dragon designs.
  • It has the following power:
    • Blade of Light (recharge 11+): Melee attacks made with this weapon always deal holy damage. When you make a melee attack roll, roll twice and take the result you prefer.
      • (the re-roll part is what is recharge 11+, just for clarification)
  • Quirk: Seeks out and confronts evil.

Ring of Defense

  • (Recharge 6+) When you take damage from an attack, prevent 10 of that damage
  • Quirk: Stubborn.
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