As you recover from the fight against the undead, you ponder what you have recently learned:
The Butcher blames you for the death of the master artisan Grommar, and said you were to be sent to the Flesh Tailor. However, the orcs manning the gate told you you were in The Gizzard, and that this was not the Flesh Tailor’s level.
So…how are the levels of the Stone Thief distributed? Are they like little fiefdoms?
The Orcs at the gate also mentioned how “She’s going to go down soon, and you don’t want to be out in the open when she does!” The “she” is presumably the Stone Thief, and going down means retreating underground, presumably after digesting whatever it is she was after…but what happens to all the living creatures here when she does?
One thing is clear: There is nothing else coming from the Maw down here…so she could be submerging soon.
The orcs did mention slaves, so there may be survivors from Greenwell…but how to get them out?
In fact…how are YOU going to get out…?
Too bad no one thought to write down Grommar’s recipe for a weapon against the Stone Thief before the Butcher banished you to the Gizzard…
How much of what Bartholomew said can you count on?

Idris remembers some of the recipe:

  • ichor from a koru behemoth
  • a piece of meteorite
  • something from the underworld, was it fire?
  • the soul of a hero
  • there was another ingredient that we couldn’t be made out
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