Moving Through the Battlefield Unscathed

The Orc Lord wants the adventurers to go ahead of the army to Ironvale and slaughter every orc that they find there, then leave a trail that will lead the Orc Lord towards the east. Then they are to capture and hold a keep known as Scarsdale Fort. If they do this then General Gul will come to them, and they can kill the renegade warlord in the confusion of the battle.

The adventurers awake in Scarsdale Fort after sleeping the sleep of the just. They have dealt with the orcs castle, but need to keep control of it. The adventurers gather themselves and prepare to hold Scarsdale Fort against the forces of General Gul.


To this point of the campaign and location in the dragon empire, other than the trading post before you crossed the troll bridge, the last signs of life which were not orcs, hobgoblins, bugbears or goblins, was at Ironvale where, (ADDENDUM) you all noted something curious to that of the dead dwarves, there were hardly any dwarven bodies, and it looks like almost all of the dwarves managed to escape, perhaps fleeing into the mountains.


As of now, you are in an isolated area of the dragon empire (AGAIN) in the Frost Range which is occupied mostly by the above mentioned.
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