merian – 2x champion tier healing
legion – 2x adventurer tier healing

Legion, visiting again the scorched earth where he first arrived

the shade was looking at him strangely again – and feeling the isolation Legion used a 6 with the lich king to try and piece together all the behaviours of his shade

the shade grew a mouth! and through the sick yellow maw the lich king actually mocked Legion – saying he’s been watching the whole time – saying that the lich ing might actually have been working to keep legion alive.

said he knew of the power that legion has used to travel – the magic they share – that the lich king seeks to learn the secret of it – that Legio nwill do his bidding no matter what

Legio – shocked – dismissed his shadow minion in alarm and before it disappeared, it smiled again and laughed before it faded away

Author: Turnerbuds

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