From Max:

    • Legion transports the spirit of celia (provost wife) in a black pearl with a message of love and to live for their children
    • Gelmar
    • the mason fought orcs. the orcs were on the way to Eldolan. Gelmar was on the scroll
    • Ser Orfeo mentions master throatcutter. the same orcs that were in the battle of the grove were lead by him
    • Pheig has been spying on the dreams of cult of the devourer. She wants to supplant them for control of the stone thief
    • She (who?) has grafted herself to the dungeon… her plans for it will cause destruction. Sorceress… probably Casilla
    • lich bone, koru blood? = ingredients
    • sorceress casilla=ancestor of real casilla. Carmilla is the real name
    • proposing the ritual of control. Talks about the eye of the stone thief that the PoS stole
    • cottage= sanctuary, but there is another. implied in the grove
    • Ser Orfeo found out that his wife, Hela is a part of the cult of the devourer, implying coercion
Author: Turnerbuds