Cillian Serper


Cillian was born to a mother who was head of the guards and didn’t know how to stop training and a father who studied magic and didn’t know how to stop worrying. Although his parents didn’t have much in common they were very close and raised Cillian with boundless love. Cillian doesn’t see them often anymore but does care deeply about them and is always sending cards back and forth recounting his escapades and seeing how his small family is doing. Cillian never scared easily, but he did always find his way into a cast. When he was 7 he went missing and after a day of search, they found him with his foot twisted the wrong way near a river next to a cave. In his hand cuneiform with an ancient writing on it. when the search team found him he had a big smile on his face even though he was battered with scratches. The tablet was sadly taken from him by the city to be studied, but he found great pleasure in being able to find it. As the years went on and he wasn’t being searched for, he’d spend his time studying maps and trying to draw them out. Cartography was a hobby he’d continue as he got older. The mysteries of the world would always make him light up, and when he wasn’t trying to investigate the world’s secrets he’d be searching for new ones. When he turned 18 he noticed there wasn’t much left for him at home, and with swollen eyes, he hugged his parents goodbye to search for whatever the world was hiding.


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Cillian is a blonde male with a pair of rounded glasses and a constant dry expression when he’s in deep thought.


He can usually find his head in a book studying most things pertaining to lost civilizations, artifacts, or ruins. Although he isn’t strong, Cillian is constantly looking for adventure and finds the best learning is done when you finish your book and put yourself into the face of danger and into the real world. He hasn’t had time to make too many friends since he has spent most of his time traveling to distant lands. The few friends he does have are not the adventuring type.


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Ruin Delver: You’ve looked through some of the smaller ruins in the Otari hinterlands but have never quite built up the courage to check out the creepy lighthouse called Gauntlight. You’ve heard that these ruins are pretty well picked over, and mostly collapsed, but you always planned to someday explore them and perhaps find some bauble left behind from the centuries-old battle where the Roseguard slew an evil sorcerer. You know that the crumbled stone of old ruins has a tendency to shift, so you’d better step lightly if you get the chance to explore Gauntlight.




You’re one of Wrin Sivinxi’s closest confidantes. You’ve spent many long nights with her under the stars, learning the tales associated with the Cosmic Caravan and how the heavens can predict the future. You know that Wrin has paralyzing claustrophobia; she sees menace in angles and danger in confined spaces, which is why her shop is an all-domed canvas that opens to the sky. If Wrin thinks there’s trouble, you’ll be the first to offer to help.


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  • Alive/Dead | Alive
  • Gender | Male
  • Race | Human
  • Height | Medium
  • Weight |
  • Age | 19
  • Hair | Blonde
  • Eyes |
  • Skin |
  • Alignment | Neutral Good
  • Religion |

  • Patron |
  • Liege |
  • Affiliation |
  • Hero Group | The Defenders of Otari (temporary)
  • Setting | Golarion

  • Father | Studied Magic
  • Mother | Head of Guards
  • Spouse/Love Interest |
  • Siblings |
  • Children |

  • 1e | Didn’t Exist
  • 2e | Didn’t Exist
  • 3e | Didn’t Exist
  • 3.5e | Didn’t Exist
  • 4e | Didn’t Exist
  • 5e | Didn’t Exist
  • 13a | Didn’t Exist
  • 13a 2e | Didn’t Exist
  • PF 2e |
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