• Alive/Dead: Alive
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Shade
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 160 lbs.
  • Age: 200? 300? 400?
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Entirely Black
  • Skin: Ashen Gray
  • Alignment: unknown
  • Religion: unknown
  • Affiliation: The Iron Guard, The Undaunted
  • Adventuring Company: The Undaunted
  • Campaign: –
  • Setting: FR, GH, RL, Fringe, 13A, more?
  • Father: –
  • Mother: –
  • Spouse: –
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: –
  • 1e: Didn’t Exist
  • 2e: Didn’t Exist
  • 3e: Didn’t Exist?
  • 3.5e: Didn’t Exist?
  • 4e: 13 Shadowthief?
  • 5e: ??
  • 13th Age: Necromancer/Wizard 7

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Legion stands just under six feet in height and is very average in build. Not frail, but not the rigid physique of a martial warrior. As a young man, girls certainly found him charismatic and their attentions were constant, but these were unimportant distractions to him. Legion has a narrow face, with sharp, hawk-like features; high cheekbones and large, round eyes. As a result of his transformation, his skin is now ashen grey; not a sickly pallor, but almost as if a fine layer of soot had fallen over his skin. His hair is now almost pitch black, and he keeps it long, just longer than his shoulder length. Legion, like all shades, prefers darker, more subtle clothes. No flashy finery is worn, no unnecessary adornments that don’t offer some benefit or protection. His eyes are watchful, but it’s hard to note their direction as Legion‘s irises are pitch black; another ‘gift’. They offer the same reflection as his pupils once did, but are black and bottomless. Someone once told Legion that they let one see deep into the heart of him, but there was nothing there to see… Despite his age, Legion looks to be a man still of his late teens/early twenties. It is not clear just how old he is, but there have been rumours that he has been seen travelling along The Sword Coast for decades. One of these claims was made by a man, sick with fever recounting stories to his granddaughter that he remembered a man who went by that name when he was a boy… but that couldn’t be…


Legion‘s experiences have left him bitter, cynical and negative. He doesn’t seek out confrontation, but often thinks the worst of people, their proposals and their ideas. He speaks only briefly when necessary, and keeps his thoughts to himself. There is no need to share one’s thoughts unless it serves your purpose. He is clearly intelligent; the occasional barb or jibe at another’s expense is a way he shows his intellectual superiority and reminds others that he doesn’t need anyone. Legion will seek out isolation rather than the company of others, like sitting at a table by himself in a tavern or lurking in the shadows walking through town than in the open street. Always watching, always listening, always learning. Legion has been doing this for so long that it’s become second nature. Legion has learned in the decades since his transformation that the word ‘friends’ is simply a clever tool, and that everyone can be of use to him, in one way or another.


Legion favours the darkness in all instances. He will seek out shadow even on a brightly lit street under the midday sun if possible. He makes no campfire if he can help it, as the darkness affords him certain advantages that seem detrimental to his foes. This is both to avoid unnecessary attention in populated areas and to allow quiet observation of those around him.


It has been a very long time since Legion has had a job of any kind. As a man, he was more interested in study than material wealth. His studies cost him every coin he could earn, and it was only a small inheritance that allowed this single-minded focus. The means, he would later find, to achieve great wealth came easily with his new-found power. Taking what he wanted from whoever he wanted, Legion wanted for nothing. Later, in meeting his current benefactor, all Legion could want and more was made available to him.


Legion‘s main residence is an abandoned wing of the tower he shares just outside the city of Winterhaven; a luxury afforded him by the enigmatic shade: Blackcross. It is modest and suitable for his work, and it may as well be a separate fortification for the privacy his host seems willing to grant him. No trappings were present initially, and Legion saw only to bring and purchase what was required in the time he spends there, which is not much. Separate entrances and quarters even for guests allow both Legion and Blackcross to use the grand tower without ever interrupting or being privy to each other’s goings and comings.


The Undaunted & Blackcross – broken Shade acting as benefactor


What value is there in leaving an adversary to plot their revenge against you? Legion has learned this well, and rid himself of these concerns.


Legion is currently trying to find a piece of lore said to exist from the elder days, when dating back as far as 1390 DR; authored by a grand archmage and scholar of the time. This document is said to chronicle the effects of powerful wizards, now infused with the stuff of Shadow from their time in the Plane of Shadow beginning to feel the powers of Shadow wane and fade to a small extent. This, Legion believes may provide a clue as to how Shades might release themselves from their bonds of shadow.

Author: Turnerbuds