• Alive/Dead: Alive
  • Salutation: –
  • Title(s): –
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: –
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Eyes: –
  • Hair: Bald
  • Skin: Dark
  • Affiliation: Necromancers of Skahlehn
  • Religion: Skahlehn, God of the Undead
  • Alignment: –
  • Level: –
  • Setting: Greyhawk

Pizentios was introduced to the Scourge of the Underdark in Sunkenhome, the underwater fortress of the Necromancers of Skahlehn. The confrontation saw The Scourge face off against the necromancer band after a memorable exclamation: “Perhaps today IS a good day to die!” After the battle, the Scourge was all but impressed with Caelynn‘s enthusiasm.

An experimenter without peer, this necromancer first encountered the Scourge in the depths of Sunkenhome in the Sunless Sea. Since that fateful occasion, they have both aided and opposed each other several times.

Pizentios does not necessarily consider himself a villain, nor the Scourge his enemies. Rather, he sees himself being totally devoted to his experiments and not allowing others to get in his way; if this means dealing with them harshly, then so be it. Likewise, he does not revere Skahlehn out of any particular faith or religious calling, but more as an appreciation of what the god represents; he is interested in Skahlehn in an academic fashion, but not a religious one. This has put him at odds with the priesthood on occasion, but this does not bother Pizentios.

Pizentios‘ brilliance is responsible for the awesome cloning techniques available to the Necromancers of Skahlehn, and he was instrumental in the development of the revivification process for creating animuses. (It is widely believed that this is a result of the clergy of Hextor operating with baatezu lords; while true in a sense, a necromancer is always present and they are essentially following a “necromantic recipe”. Karoolck has since mastered it and expunged all Necromancers of Skahlehn from Rauxes.)

Unlike many Necromancers of Skahlehn, Pizentios was never a worshipper of the god’s previous incarnation, Nerull, having found that priesthood too bloodthirsty. He is pleased with the structure now, allowing more freedom in one’s pursuits.

class4e: Wizard (Mage): 20 Nethermancer / Necromancer

Author: Turnerbuds