Tryiok, Chosen of Thasmudyan

The most powerful death knight to walk the Flanaess has inherited the former lands of Iuz almost by default, though he does not use them much. Formerly a servant of Orcus, the death knight betrayed his master after receiving a vision of Thasmudyan the Ghoul Lord about the power that could be his for the taking. Savagely attacking the Demon Prince backed by the power of his new god, Tryiok nearly destroyed Orcus, forcing the Tanna’ri Lord to flee the battlefield. Tryiok converted almost all of Orcus’ former clergy to the worship of Thasmudyan, though remains the foremost priest of the dread deity today.

Tryiok‘s goals today are many. He does not appear to seek conquest of lands and people; this has resulted in many humanoid and bandit clans battling for dominance in the former lands of Iuz. His goals appear more personal, though they must surely involve slating the hunger of his god for ever-more power.

For one, he seeks his former master to finish the work that he had begun; Thasmudyan would have no pretender to his mantle as Lord of the Undead. Secondly, Tryiok seeks the destruction of those who worship Skahlehn, God of Death and Thasmudyan’s main rival. Finally, Tryiok seeks the three artifacts of necromantic domination, to further the cause of his god. Having already let the Trumpet of Doom elude his grasp, he will not allow the other two to do so. Long a mystery, Tryiok now knows the identity of both remaining artifacts: The Wand of Orcus and Hunger.

Making a play for Hunger, Tryiok assaulted the former lands of the City of the Summer Stars, and it was only the sacrifice of a dozen Sentinels’ lives, the Scourge’s every resource, and the hand of Gwydiesin of the Cranes that barely forced the King of Death Knights into retreat.

But he has not forgotten…

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6′ 3″
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The Church of Thasmudyan
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Author: Eric