A Family Affair

Heroes took the assassin to the boiler room to interrogate

Azizullah cast Bewitching Flame (3 questions)
“Who hired you to kill me?”
I was Hired to do so; paid a great sum of money
They arranged to have me met Slayer of the Guilded Palm
Given an address and a description of the man to die

-How did you know which room to enter?
“The instructions were quite clear”

“when did you get these instructions?”
Earlier this evening.

He came out of it; and he asked

holy slayers jizann the bountiful (store our money with)
most similiar to a standard

He said his name was “Rui”
Paid half before, half after the job was done successfully.
the payment was to take place at the floating marketplace
Assassin was to go there and wait for him to contact me.

The three
halfling appears on the bench next to him
black silk shirt, opened to large bellybutton
rings on almost all fingers
little goatee, pointy and sharp
wearing midnight blue pantaloons
bright red sandals

Is it done?
It is
excellent. so…
My colleague didn’t say
how much was it that was agreed to again?
he says it was 500
alright, 500

asks for proof that Roheen can’t provide
Kal makes his move
the bring halfling to alley to interrogate
I am Tunil





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