A Just Claim

  • The heroes travel to the cottage to find proof for the eladrin
  • confrontation with owlbears
  • find books explaining how Saravas Ardavan gave plants from feywild in exchange for eternal right to the land for ancestors
  • return to pool of istus to let Berrian know
  • Berrian reiterates they will not leave; even threatening military action
  • Garrick suggests military might could be useful to quell the threat of orc inhabitants
  • Berrian moved to trust heroes, but suggests more work required to earn his trust
  • Berrian goes on to suggest the heroes finding information on the fate of his father would seal his trust
  • Berrian’s father was an ally of the Knights of Bahamut who inhabited the Abbey ~200years ago
  • Berrian’s father’s name is Zandrian Velfarren
  • The heroes decide to return to Winterhaven to get Padraig’s
  • Another group (led by a human) had fallen in the feygrove around the abbey, just 1-2weeks ago
  • Analastra describes the band as a female, strong, resolute, part human part orc henchman
  • One was a dwarf, the other was a female arcanist, another a warrior like Analastra
  • Discovered quite by accident, no help w/eladrin. The band went on their way
  • There was a sense that the four of them were not alone…
  • Upon returning to Winterhaven, the Winter Guard splits up
  • Garrick, Isak & Odus go to see Padraig, consulting again with his brother, Christoph
  • Odus shares that the eladrin in the grove might not be completely sympathetic to the plight of padraig
  • Padraig is clearly showing some disdain for Eladrin; not at all interested in ‘sharing’ or ‘accommodating’.
  • Christoph shares that the watchtower, one of the few structures maintaining it’s dweomer, enables scouts watching from it to see for miles beyond normal vision
  • List of decent NPCs: Valthrun, Delphina, Eilian, Analastra, Bairwin, Gendar, Salvana, etc.
  • Berrian Velfarren
  • Valthrun will look for info on Berrian’s father, asking they return in teh morning.
  • Valthrun found some info ur-flannae had great necromancers that Vecna and Acererak they were known to be able to make someone undead and return them.
  • Valthrun asked again if we found teh Winterbol Codex; but we haven’t yet returned to the wizard’s tower
  • Valthrun confirmed the party Analastra spoke of travelled through Winterhaven, stayed at Wrafton’s inn
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