A Queen Rises

The heroes collect and distribute the treasure from the treasure room.

They refill their water casks and drag the dead bodies of their quarry out into the jungle and hide them from casual observers.
Taj leads us back into the jungle.

The king’s daughter lives in what are called “The Leaning Towers”

The heroes continue through the humid, mosquito-infested jungle.

Deep in the jungle, Taj grows alarmed as the Yuan-Ti approach…

The yaun-ti

Elecrtrum Coins looks somewhat similar in the background is the same sort of armor the wights wore attacking us.

The heroes rest, and give thought to:
<li> how did the yuan-ti know they had the crystal?
<li> how are they getting back to civilization?

The heroes travel up and down the coast for 2 days trying to

Sharamaz has white skin and we are received well

Runes meant to foil divination magicks. Foil teleportation magicks. THe language of Kadari, one of two ancient empires that used to exist here. Some people still speak it, but the empires of Kadar and Nog went extinct well over 1000 years ago. (like speaking aramaic today).

Our proud lions vanquished here,
Sorrow for our fallen friends.
Eight of Nine we’ll never fear,
Buried where the walls descend.

Our proud lions come once more,
Sorrow for their fallen friends.
Ninth of Nine will fear restore,
When in Tadabbur descend.

There were nine people who were scary, but are dead now. One of them is going to restore fear, and there’s a group of lions that were defeated that apparently will come again.

A full day passes before the new Queen wakes from her reverie.

6x vials of superior healing
6x arrows of sagaran slaying

Each tower represented a powerful priest-wizard. They worshipped a cold, elemental god. They were able to morph their magicks; called Geomancers; the driving force behind the kingdom of Kadar. Ruthless, they would conquer other empires, absorb their knowledge and move on. A circle of 9.

There was one more powerful than the other 8 combined.

“I see a mighty priest wirting this, he is sad, sad for his friends who have all ddied. he is sad for his brother has died. It’s like his brother had been fooled by one of the other geomancers. He is weeping over the foolishness and naivete of the brother. He is making a vow, to eradicate all knowledge of the geomancers, so the last cannot be raised and cannot rule again.”

The “one” might be a powerful priestess

Author: Turnerbuds