A Rock and a Hard Place

The adventurers find themselves between a rock and a hard place, or rather between an advancing orc army and a chasm


Items Found/Acquired:

Weapon of Vengeance
This brutal-looking weapon oozes emotional violence and anger, and it’s obvious that its sole design is to harm others. The simple but effective styling is a common element among the barbarian weapon smiths who create such weapons to fight for or against the Orc Lord.
[Melee Weapon]
+1 bonus to attacks and damage.
While you are staggered, you deal +1d6 damage with attacks that hit using this weapon.
Quirk: Quick to take offense.

Haughty Weapon
Two types of these weapons are known to have been created: those designed for the imperial soldiers against the creatures of the Wild, and those designed for the servants of the
Wild against the agents of the Empire. In either case, these weapons are highly effective at taking down enemy leaders.
[Ranged Weapon]
+1 bonus to attack and damage. When you hit an enemy with this weapon, if it’s the most dangerous foe in the battle (or tied for most dangerous, GM’s assessment), you deal
+1d3 per tier damage to it.
Quirk: Challenges others to improvised contests.

Potion Belt: (recharge 16+)
Default bonus: Increase your maximum recoveries: by 1 (adventurer); by 2 (champion); by 3 (epic).
Drink a potion stored on this belt as a quick action instead of a standard action. (It also provides stylish flaps for up to six potions.)
Quirk: Constantly attempts to refill everyone else’s drinks. Or potions. Or ration bags.

Bearclaw Pendant (recharge 11+)
Default bonus: +1 to saves when you have 10 hp or fewer (adventurer); 25 hp or fewer (champion); 50 hp or fewer (epic).
When you hit with a melee attack while you’re staggered, gain 10 temporary hit points (champion: 25 temporary hp; epic: 50 temporary hp). Quirk: Swaggers even when overmatched.

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