A Stark Reminder

  1. After a refreshing evening in Griften‘s Citadel, the heroes leave at first light for the Grandwood forest.
  2. Teleporting somewhere familiar (forget where, outside a harbour town?), the heroes use the druid spell Wind at Back to rush to the borders of the Grandwood.
  3. Arriving on the outskirts of the massive wood, Ashreal leads the heroes deep within the forest where they meet one of Gwydiesin‘s agents; a pixie that introduces itself as ________. The heroes are then led at a break-neck pace to Gwydiesin‘s grove where the enigmatic bard awaits them.
  4. Griften is re-united with his old acquaintance; Cyndr, though now horribly changed, and Gwydiesin recaps all that has transpired in recent weeks. Cyndr is in the grove, now dark and sullen with the weight of the horribly evil sword, held firmly in his grasp, the artifact Hunger.
  5. Gwydiesin tells us all about the Ba’atanna’ari Codex and Griften‘s role in it (no real answers though).
  6. Soon set upon by Tryiok, invading the Grove looking to steal Hunger for his own.
  7. Huge battle where bear pins Tryiok, Gwydiesin tries an epic spell and Tryiok flees no doubt hugely pissed.
  8. Heroes thank Gwydiesin for his help, Callimar offers to stay and protect Cyndr with Gwydiesin until the heroes return with Talen and Tiemel so Talen can take place beside Gwydiesin protecting Cyndr.
  9. Heroes meet quickly and decide to go right after Talen & Tiemel, teleporting to where Griften last scried S’Thiss.
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