A Warm Welcome

Omar looked at the fallen body of Samia al-Giss without speaking.

THe villagers can’t believe one of their shepherds was one of The Everlasting… she’s been ‘one’ of them for months… part of the community. They were thinking now… ‘who else’?

Around her neck was a ring of thick beads (like a lava lamp, but dry)

Faruq is pretty certain the item she is wearing would allow the user to summon Sand Creatures

Omar and Fadiya looks forlorn for a moment, then she said, “Yes… she knows us. She knew us.” Fadiya thinks there is probably 2 weeks before the Everlasting realize that she doesn’t reply.

Sarahin: the Fortress of the Everlasting.

The grandfather was: Marwyn, “wait and see type”. IF the one who replaces him with assassination, then they may be

The heroes travel for days and then they see black smoke in the distnce, they approach carefully… certain it looks like

The horses all used to have saddles, but no footsteps leaving. Definitely looks like a couple of fireballs, but Aziz recalls hearing of a group of Holy Slayers that used oil staves that set their victims on fire.

2 days after that, Kal notices there’s a group of mounted people on camels headed their way. Several of them are loaded down with heavy packs, large carpets, … looks like an odd caravan… except they have a lot of non-burdened camels on them. They’re all armed.

They approach and ‘insist’ that they offer the heroes ‘hospitality’, but battle immediately ensues.

Leader: Jaffer al-Mawli

Trading ranged attacks, the heroes and al-Mawli raiders engage

Jaffer has: 32 gp & 10x +2 arrows

Fadiya confides in Faruq that she and Omar were cast out for running from Blue Dragon and they were marked for punishment. Still had one friend, warning them before the first attack. With nowhere else to go, they hid from The Everlasting. They hid in vain, repeatedly attacked, betrayed them… “We NEVER revealed where they’re from” Never judged by the Oathbinder genie. NEver able to get help. The attacks kept coming, and then eventually they slowed down, taking respite to contact a powerful wizard.
12-fold master/shackle breaker lives in Hayal. They wanted free of the strictures of the oath. She has no magical tattoo and they can speak of the Everlasting without fear.

Omar and Fadiya didn’t know any trade other than head, but joined The Grey Fire – Hajama’s brother. They’ve been plotting

Fadiya & Faruq hubba hubba

The heroes travel the next morning to the village of Muluk… the first of the villages in the area of The Everlasting

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