ABC Facility Plans and Other Tidbits

Through Jarod’s hacktastic capabilities, you are now in possession of the basic facility plans. This should enable you to plan the next steps if they involve infiltration.

A couple of notes:
  • Lynne Crystal Stone can comment on much of the plans (where she goes, anyway)
  • Through your hacking, you know that the camera system is not “online”… but, given access to the security and/or telephone room, a device could certainly be planted to access…
  • The plans enable you to aim that fancy listening device (that you haven’t used yet) at a window of interest.
  • If you get a warrant to listen and get something incriminating, you could then get a warrant to raid the place.
  • Of course, in a raid, you would have to control who sees what when… and prevent the wrong people from seeing what they shouldn’t.
  • The fact that Arnold Crisp was being followed is significant… the fact that the security guards (trained professionals, not rent-a-cops) didn’t think it was worth a firefight is also significant.
  • Regardless, the people at ABC will know that an FBI agent came to get Crisp. That will drive and action.
  • The hacking also reveals another interesting item… The next schedule pick-up of the Sapphire compound is next Wednesday, Sept 15th (it is Sunday evening, Sept 12th now)
  • Data shows that the volume of liquid-filled tanks is approximately 1/3 of the volume of the tank…yet they “fill” multiple tanks…
Author: Turnerbuds