About Us

I’d like to thank everyone that has contributed their parts to this world, their individual stories, their collective creativity, and above all, their dedication to continue playing. The faithful are, in no particular order:

  • Eric: “Okay, I kill your character”
  • Greg: “I furrow my brow and look at him with a Fireball on my fingertips”
  • Dave V: “Kill ’em now, raise ’em later”
  • Caelynn: “Today is a good day to die!”
  • Shaun: “Moment of Inspiration”
  • Danny: “Can’t we just roll the dire bear along the ground?”
  • Jonas: “My Chaotic Good character does something Chaotic Good”
  • Ravi: “Butterfingers”
  • Joe: “I have a new character idea”
  • Fabrizzio: “I destroy PCs for fun”
  • Roberto: “Can’t all PCs be role-played as Paladins?”
  • Dave L: “I think I’d like to try a longsword-wielder…”
  • Andrew: “Every session is like Christmas”
  • Sanjeev: “Listen for the Swoosh”
  • Jaad: “I want my uncles back”
  • Neil: “I don’t want to metagame, but…”
  • Jedd: “The only guy who can roll 0 on a d10”
  • Graeme: “Gravity sucks”
  • Justin: “1 attack/round sucks”
  • Rob V: “I came to see what the hype was about”
  • Charles: “I’m here for the memes”

and the newest member to join our ranks:

  • Max: “It clearly runs in the blood now.”

Thanks for the fun, everyone!

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