Achmed al-Zuli the Magnificent

The heroes ventured back through the Haunted Lands, their minds fixed on exacting revenge on Ghish, the dragon that manipulated them, leading to the deaths of their brother and sister.

As they crossed the treacherous landscape, however, they were confronted by Achmed al-Zuli the Magnificent, who challenged them to a contest of boasting to win one of:
gleaming scimitar – removes limbs
staff in magical runes – all be ones friend and lover
silver band ring – dodge dragon breath
Suit of armor – Efreet chain

1st topic – Prowess in Battle
2nd topic –

Before even a single round had ended, the efreet took great offense to the heroes’ banter and battle ensued. In the open air the heroes were no match for the powerful efreet and his magic. Forced to hand over the Cyclone of the Four Quarters or face certain death, the heroes reluctantly handed over the treasure of Shaddad to an enemy they will not soon forget.

Then the efreet disappeared in a flash.

Author: Turnerbuds

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