Agents of the Blue

The heroes interrupt agents of The Blue stealing a soul and discover The Syndicate stole the skull artifact from The Sanctuary in Hildebrande.

– Just quelled the threat of the lightning elementals
Legion spends time inspecting the ship (gains +3 skill to understand it’s workings)
– See flashes of light in the distance, head over to investigate
– find 2 blue dragons and eight dragon sorcerers after 1 adventurer who they killed
– legion uses 6 w/archmage to protect heroes from the sight of 2nd dragon & cronies
– black assassin Nightscale used a box to steal their soul; leaving the corpse like the other two the heroes found before
– return to Hildebrande and give body to Itotia to protect & let us know if they are recognized
– nidalru meets contact to try and learn more about the mysterious corpse
– idris meets Judith who tells Idris that the Syndicate stole something from the Great Gold Wyrm’s hidden stronghold while many/all knights were gone from hidebrande for some reason
– Freddie “The Leak” is the syndicate member who should return to Hildebrande next week
Merian met with Sven to try and learn more
Legion began investigating the type of tech the airship used; increasingly suspicious that it is not of Archmage design
– pens a letter to Archmage in obscure, arcane language that he thinks the Archmage may be able to decipher, to be carried to Horizon and delivered as close to the Archmage as possible
Ursel meets Idris and Merian back at tavern saying the skull is gone; saying she was alone and was guarding the vault; she was praying by the skull and then all of a sudden, she wasn’t alone… but they seemed to be 2-dimensional… she suspects portal magic
Ursel suggests Legion & Nidalru

Author: Turnerbuds