Altering the Deal…

  • The heroes clean up after dispatching Snakewalker and her minions.
  • 132g 67s 50c & ruby gem Mastercraft staff
  • a note:

We have found the sorcerer… he is on the way to Ironfort.Take him alive.He must be returned whole and unsullied.

  • Go to inn, Rainier & Minoru tell guards what happened, send a boy off to have it addressed
  • Gallydyn orders a fiery brew from the bar: Balor’s Offal
  • takes another drink
  • retire for the night
  • The next morning, summoned to Ironfort Meeting Hall
  • Halla tells the assembly that the dwarf king picked heroes
  • Uebol visibly upset, elf surprised, vermin unimpressed
  • Halla alters the deal to include fetching for the king a phoenix egg
  • offers map & says get going
  • heroes realize everyone is going to try for the egg – maybe that was her plan?
  • Skill check to find the supplies
    • Rainier finds alchemist (Turula Treebender – Female hill dwarf herbalist) for potions
      • buy 2 adv.healing & she gives them 2 free fire resist
    • Gallydyn finds a guide to help tweak the map
    • Minoru finds documentation about pathing and dangers on volcano slopes
  • set out up the volcano but are set upon by mercenaries
    • they are loud and cocky and make no secret that they were paid to wait for the heroes
  • heroes defeat them
    • find 67g 98s
    • but find the bodies of 4 other adventurers
  • 1 survivor tended to by Rainier says where are the others “you will meet them soon”
    • says they were sent by Sephare
    • were supposed to meet ‘the others’ (the same phrase she used when contacting heroes in the blue sphere)
    • said to tell her they tried
    • said to tell her he passed on ‘the gifts’
    • revealed as he died:
      • the Seal Ring of the Citadel
      • the Swift Shot arrows


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