An Alliance Takes Shape

  • The heroes return to Winterhaven and request an audience with Padraig
  • Padraig and Christoph admit to hiring mercenaries because of Padraig’s opinion that they are alone, no help from Nyrond
  • The “Hammer and Pick” are apparently the mercenary group of sell-swords Padraig has recently commissioned to assist
  • Christoph and Padraig expressed surprise at the other group the Winter Guard encountered at the Dragon’s Roost
  • Erevas brings Berrian’s terms to Padraig who accepts gladly. Christoph expresses concern, but it silenced by Padraig.
  • Padraig admits that hiring mercs is just to get some “expendables” and not to replace The Winter Guard
  • Padraig continues to say that his idea is for The Winter Guard to “distract” the orcs while the soldiers move through the Feygrove with the help of the Eladrin
  • Mordekai and Erevas visit Valthrun and give him the Winter Cobol, to his absoloute amazement.
  • Valthrun very impressed with Erevas (first eladrin he’s ever met) and promises not only to keep the information in the book to himself, but also the possibility of an alliance
  • Mordekai speaks to Valthrun about Padraig & Christoph; concerns regarding both. Valthrun admits noticing the difference in padraig, but no idea why.
  • Garrick, Odus & Isak travel to Wrafton’s inn and find Oakley there, having arrived safely dodging only once orc patrol
  • Oakley says he can identify the other two items, having only discovered the bowl so far.
  • Oakley hears of and approves of an alliance with the Eladrin, “Just like the abbey of old.”
  • Oakley suggests that Garrick, Isak & Odus might be interested in meeting a warrior from the inn, named “Tam”. (Garrick immediately remembers she was the warrior in the other adventuring company).


  • The heroes return to Gardmore abbey, and sneaking their way back to Dragon’s Roost, they return again to the entrance to the Vaults they discovered early.
  • Creeping down the staircase, trepidation in their hearts, they remember how dire things seemed at the hands of their growing nemesis; Maldrick Scarmaker
  • Encountering more gnolls, the heroes make quick work of them; the demon-eyed gnolls making their psychic presences felt
  • Odus overcome by a vision of a knight of Bahamut asking for the help of the deck, and upon pulling a card, is overwhelmed by evil spirits; vision ends
Author: Turnerbuds

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