An Old Evil Felled

  • Collect our thoughts in the Rod of Security
  • The heroes decide to accept Sulphacititzeous’ challenge and meet with his terms.
  • Griften scrys, party teleports to mountain top to engage dragon
  • Crazy fight with Sulphacititzeous, dragon grabs Griften in it’s maw and uses breath weapon, but Ashreal‘s protection saved him, bears crush dragon, J’afrock blends it, Griften with key dispel, dragon dies
  • Heroes calm down (can’t believe they survived w/o fatality) and go back to Citadel of Serenity to collect their thoughts
  • where they are met with a note that was just delivered asking them to meet Gwydiesin in the Grandwood asap
  • Griften takes heroes on tour of Citadel then crash for the night with plans to leave at first light.
Author: Turnerbuds

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