An Old Soul and An Old Friend

Check on Haroushin; OK. Body of Ash’taraq doesn’t link to soul; maybe in Roheen. Verify if portal to BotTF in WH District still works; does. Send word to Tanya bint Perijan through al-Danafi traders request audience. Ambush by arcanoloth & e.elementals. Printz appears; Kazerabet sent him to get ‘him’. Learn Mamoon wants meeting with Sulayman.

Many foundries and kilns shrouded the city in smoke, and this dark atmosphere seemed to nurture the trades of smuggling, stealing and underhanded dealings, earning Hiyal the name City of Intrigue. A city of 600,000 or so, Hiyal is noted for its crime, pollution, foundries, coal, iron, steel, weaponry, armor, metalwork, slaves, information, and pottery. Hiyal’s foundries turn out some of the finest weapons in Zakhara

Aunty worked for al-Kamari (specializes in silk)
but the house of al-Danafi (

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