… and the Quiet After…

Session Notes (before or after)

Caelynn (Caelynn K.):

Caelynn awoke with a start. He was in a clearing, with a pond and huge trees. He remembered it well from his youth. Celene! He must be near to his beloved city. But something was amiss. His last memories were of being struck down by the wretched vampire Xenoria. His final strength left him as she flung his limp body aside to continue fighting his comrades. Perhaps this is death? he shrugged. Then I have failed my friends. Again. What manner of evil clone/doppelganger will I be returned to the world in?

Caelynn sat on a rock. He started to hum a tune, he didn’t know where he learned it. He reached out his hand to summon his longsword which he named Dawnfire. He felt naked without it. Nothing came. Simultaneous with this revelation, he felt a presence sitting beside him. Tears streamed down his face and his hands shook, he knew he was in the presence of his god. He was dressed as a simple hunter, holding Caelynn‘s sword aloft, testing its weight and balance. Nodding as if satisfied he laid it across his lap.

Caelynn, my son, fear not for you have not passed from the world. And thankfully so since dread magic is preventing your return if that was so. You are with your comrades, resting after nearly succumbing to the evil vampire’s will. You surely have realized the import of this mission you have undertaken. You must not fail.”

Corellon stood up, and with a stern voice, spoke:

“You are a defender, Caelynn, do not forget your role. I have come to show you the true ways of the Coronal Guard, so that you may better protect your allies in this trying time. I am cleansing you of your past, be rightfully born again in my presence. Drop away the shadow of necromancy and the Scarlet Brotherhood that stains your soul.

You will awake stronger of sword, mind, will and body. Your mark will spread further and stronger among your enemies. Likewise, your protections will be more sturdy. You have also chosen a path of magic, this is wise and will remain so. Use these powers carefully and you may be victorious.

Come now, arise, there is much to learn.”

Author: Turnerbuds