Assault on Rinloru

The Scourge eyed the Necromancers cautiously, no verbal agreement could erase the enmity that existed between these two groups. Pizentios broke the silence with a matter-of-fact suggestion: “We will destroy Nyeru for his transgressions, while you assault Delglath and prevent him from joining Nyeru in the fray.”

This was entirely unacceptable.

Pizentios made it clear to the heroes that he and his band would ensure that Nyeru paid for his betrayal. He would pay for his theft of Pizentios‘ tomes and magic. The hatred that he spoke with and the familiarization the heroes feel towards Pizentios forced them to agree. In haste, Tanamier suggested that the Necromancers show some sign of trust in sending them to face the powerful animus-priest by letting one of his companions accompany the heroes during the upcoming battle.

Again, Yola taunted the heroes, but Pizentios understood the heroes’ plight and allowed Mandraka to join the heroes. “He will be of great use to you,” Pizentios said. And with that, the Necromancers left to begin their assault. The heroes gathered round and began discussing their strategy; how to find Delglath and then how to deal with him. J’afrock wisely insisted that they meticulously lay out their plan of attack, his military training showed that a complex plan was a good plan. But the heroes were much too anxious, and it showed in their curtness with one another and the indecision they showed during discussion.

Crying out in frustration, Tempus raised his arms to the heavens and called the power of his god to summon a Elemental of Fire that appeared, blazing before the heroes. Tempus commanded it to attack the city of Rinloru.

With the sudden realization that The Scourge had just dismissed the chance of further discussion, Mandraka disappeared, and the Scourge sprang into action. Sharing a knowing glance, Kaelis and Gil-Galad muttered similar incantations and immediately shot upwards, taking to the skies for battle. The Fire Elemental began to stagger forward, setting ablaze the small bushes that dotted the open plain. But as the Elemental distanced itself, five (5) dark, shadowy riders materialized in front of the heroes, their glowing green weapons drawn and menacing.

The riders said nothing, and when the Scourge realized they would get little out of the dark guardians. Tempus willed the Fire Elemental to attack the dark riders, and in the same breath, Tanamier engulfed them in a Wall of Fire. Kaelis and Gil-Galad watched as the portcullis to the city slowly rose and an army of zombies and skeletons emerged from the city, walking silently in military formation.

Kaelis summoned his djinni, Anwar and told it to destroy the undead legion below at the city gates, with his Air Elemental guarding him in the air. Gil-Galad plucked a shining ruby from his magnificent helm, and tossed it plummeting into the ranks of the undead warriors far below, engulfing them in a massive Fireball. Tempus and J’afrock launched into assault, and Tanamier began calmly walking around the Wall of Fire to see the fate of the dark riders that lay beneath it.

Many of the undead hordes that calmly poured out of the city marched straight into the Wall of Fire, and many others were either incinerated or destroyed by two successive Fireballs tossed from on high. Kaelis and Gil-Galad swooped down to pick up their land-bound companions, and flew into the city, coming to rest upon a roof across from a large temple to the dark god, Thasmudyan.

Kaelis summoned his Water Elemental to guard the heroes and sent his Air Elemental to sweep away the disconcerting bodies that were laid almost ceremoniously around the temple far below. With a glare in his eye the heroes had seen before, Tempus raised his arms in praise to his god, summoning the power to bring the vile temple to its very foundation…. but to no avail. Screaming with fury, the heroes watched as an inky blackness began to seep from the tallest spire of the temple, taking hideous shape and reaching towards the heroes on their rooftop.

Two dozen wraiths howled in perverted joy as they rushed towards the heroes. With only seconds to acts, Tanamier quickly grabbed the Icon of Ravenloft found so many months ago and commanded the vile creatures to disperse. With a flash of divine light and screams of agony, many of the wraiths just blinked out of existence. With terrified swings of their enchanted weapons, the heroes managed to vanquish what undead remained without incident.

  1. Subsequent Dispel Magics from both Tempus and Tanamier, and Tanamier: Chosen of Parthen brings down the temple’s magical protection. A Rock to Mud later, cast by Tempus: Chosen of Agravelenon brings the entire temple crashing to a massive pile of rubble and mud.

    The heroes, staring triumphantly into the sky wonder why they have not called down the wrath of he who controls the city <Delglath>, hear in the distance an agonized cry that is: “Master, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!”

  1. It is Anwar’s cry.
  2. In a fit of panic and worry, the already flying Kaelis calls his Air Elemental and they fly towards the gates, desperate to see what has caused this distress.
  3. The heroes turn, and from above the gates rises the horrific chariot they know all to well, with eight (8) fearsome Nightmares pulling and bucking at the reins. Tryiok, Saint of Evil sits atop the chariot, flying from the front gates toward the heroes.
  4. Four (4) of the Nightmare’s break loose of their bonds and attack Kaelis and his Air Elemental. Kaelis casts Mirror Image to confuse the Nightmares, J’afrock stands helpless on a roof-top far behind, and Tempus, Tanamier & Gil-Galad begin their assault…
  5. Tempus invokes the Limited Wish ability to good effect, and Tanamier and Gil-Galad share knowing glances at what they must do next. Tryiok, in defiance of their plan causes a crushing Wall of Ice to fall on the heroes, disrupting spell-casting and their high hopes.
  6. The Nightmares destroy the Air Elemental, focusing now on Kaelis who is quickly stripped of his remaining Stoneskins. Tanamier calls upon the power of his artifact shield and surrounds himself and Tempus in a Major Globe of Invulerability, leaving Gil-Galad to his own designs.
  7. Gil-Galad is then disrupted by another timely-cast Wall of Ice and it seems as though Tanamier and Gil-Galad may not come through with their plan.
  8. In a fit of desperation, Kaelis flies back towards the only warrior who can save him; J’afrock. Alert to a potential concerted attack against him, Tryiok Power Word, Blinds Tanamier.
  9. However, Tempus cannot Cure Blindness/Deafness Tanamier within the Globe of Invulnerability
  1. The heroes stood slack-jawed, eyeing the Necromancers carefully. Their discussions were strained at best.

  2. Pizentios suggested that the heroes attack Delglath and keep him occupied so that all six (6) of the Necromancers could assault Nyeru and re-acquire all of Pizentios‘ laboratory equipment and notes.

  3. The heroes argue about the ‘element of danger’ in confronting the Animus Priest instead of Nyeru, and the Necromancers (Pizentios, Yola and Mandraka) make fun of the Scourge for not being competent/strong enough to handle one (1) animus-priest.

  4. Suspicions fly back and forth, and finally J’afrock suggests that as a show of ‘trust’, the Necromancers allow one of them to accompany us to defeat Delglath.

  5. They agree and give us Mandraka <the one we wanted the least>

  6. The Necromancers leave and the heroes + Mandraka talk about strategies, with Rinloru looming in the distance.

  7. Discussion turns into argument, and Tempus: Chosen of Agravelenon cries out in frustration, calling the power of his god to summon a Fire Elemental, who he commands to begin its assault on the city.

  8. Seeing this, Kaelis and Gil-Galad wisely take to the skies, in the hopes of gaining an eagle-eye veiw.

  9. As the Fire Elemntal strides forward, three (3) shadowy riders materialize out of nothingness, their glowing green swords and weapons drawn. Saying nothing and doing nothing, the heroes call out to them with no response.

  10. Tempus tell his Fire Elemental to attack the riders, and Tanamier engulfs them in a Wall of Fire. Kaelis and Gil-Galad see the portcullis of the city gates open and an entire army of zombies and skeletons stride forward in military formation.

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