Back and Forth!

Back already?!

Merrian barely had the time to register the return of Nuzbok through another tear in reality; she was busy trying to hold off the huge demon they had bypassed earlier,* *a Nalfeshnee**, Idris had said. Good. Always like to know the names of things trying to kill me, she thought.

The Undaunted weren’t in great shape after the initial fight with Nuzbok, and were barely holding their own against the Nalfeshnee and its attendant Vrocks. Fortunately, Nuzbok looked worse than he had when he fled the battle the first time; maybe things didn’t go so well wherever it is he went…wonder if Legion had anything to do with that?

Wonder if Legion‘s even alive…

Merrian needn’t have wondered long. Soon after Nuzbok landed, the familiar form of her (friend? colleague? comrade-in-arms? pain-in-the ass?)…whatever…landed nearby, having also come through the portal, which looked close to closing. Nuzbok didn’t seem thrilled to have been followed again; in fact, the demon lord roared in frustration and swung its glaive Pain of Many Worlds high above his head before shouting out something no one could understand (though Idris visibly winced as though in pain) and brought it slamming down upon the ground.
The ground didn’t seem to appreciate it much.

A whole began forming underneath, getting wider by the second. The members of the Undaunted tried to escape, but the demon lord had caused a cave-in as well; everyone, man, woman, and demon went tumbling down, falling and falling…until darkness consumed them.

Author: Eric