Back in the World

  • Griften stares out into the darkness from his tower.
  • The monks busy themselves beneath him, and the sounds of the forest drift upward him
  • Tiemel is in Griften‘s study, quiet and melancholy at his experience in the abyss, and the news of Talen‘s demise.
  • Griften tries to console the normally happy-go-lucky elf and uses his ability to Mind Probe to ease his pain, but even as he gently reached out to his mind, Griften could tell the long-lived magical elves would make it much more difficult to help his friend.
  • Griften leaves Tiemel to stay at the Citadel as long as he needs to
  • Griften wrestles with the guilt and regret of not being able to save Talen in time, and what role he had in setting all of this in motion in the first place


Author: Turnerbuds