Back Into the Haunted Lands

You whisper to DM: “At some point, Faruq tries to surreptitiously collect a few wild flowers for Farida while things still grow to say ‘a reminder of what we leave behind'”

Marching Order:
roheen – Omar al-Farid – Fadiya al-Farid – AzizullahPrintzFaruqKal

sapphire eyes – failed wis save – went to sleep – camel missing

Kal sees there was some sort of struggle, and a creature with 4 legs may have dragged it away.

Roheen the only creature he can think of are Wyverns

why couldn’t it have bene the other one?

FIght blue dragon (Safsaf) and killed her.

“Overnight, Faruq makes sure to harvest some of the dragon’s blood and one of the dragon’s more wicked-looking teeth”

That night
Fadiya & Omar
Printz & Kal
Roheen & Faruq
Azizullah solo

In the night, Printz is attacked by Samia al-Giss with a wicked scimitar. A comely woman dressed as one of the hill people, with a crossbow at her side. The everlasting!
Faruq falls asleep as does Kal
She barks in Terran

Faruq teleports to and administers a potion of sup.healing to Printz.
Kal Rages
Printz inspires Kal and goes invis
Fadiya and Omar join the party
Faruq falls asleep again

She sees Omar, and she has a huge look of surprise on her face, and she says, “You!”

A flurry of blades from Roheeen takes down Samia
Fadiya compliments Roheen but clearly recognizes Samia,
Fadiya nods and admits they know her; a spy for the Everlasting.

Says to Omar: “I’m sorry but there’s no way they don’t know we’re coming.’




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