Back into the Underdark

  1. With a promise to return, the heroes teleport to the underdark where Griften had scried S’Thiss days earlier.
  2. Beginning to make their way deeper into the underdark, the come across a dark, cold pool, and as they sneak across, Griften notices a ripple in the water…
  3. Aboleth attack the heroes, and J’afrock uses his magic item to lower the water to better reach their quarry.
  4. Easily Dominating the half-orc, the aboleth turn him against his friends, and he cuts deep into Griften.
  5. Ashreal‘s air elemental crushes the abolet and J’afrock‘s mind is returned to him.
  6. As the heroes are recuperating at the bottom of the pool, they are set upon by 4 or 5 drow scouts.
  7. J’afrock raises the water and engages drow; killing three in mere seconds with his massive, cleaving strikes.
  8. Ashreal summons three dire bears to finish the lone scout, and keeps them to protect the heroes.
  9. Griften teleports the unconscius and poisoned Heren’kar back to the Oytwood Forest near his Citadel to allow the now cured poison effects to wear off in safety.
  10. Continuing further down, and after dispelling protective glyphs of Drow design, the heroes engage a throng of giant spiders
  11. Realizing they’re near a drow outpost, Griften summons a few ectoplasmic constructs, with instructions to go and engage the Drow that are firing their crossbows from ledges above
  12. Ashreal launches a waterball up at the drow, and they are stunned by the blast
  13. The constructs get caught in the webbing that is holding aloft the massive citadel
  14. J’afrock meets one of the drow on a lower ledge and dispatches him so quickly, he is able to continue fighting upwards
  15. As more reinforcements charge the webs that surround the tower, the heroes quickly realize that their fight would be through hundreds of Drow instead of only a few.  The well-protected outpost could prove too dangerous to continue inwards to save Talen
  16. With a quick shout, Griften calls for J’afrock to fly down to them so they can retreat down the corrider to regain their composure.
  17. Exposed and vulnerable, the heroes collect back in the hallway and seal themselves off with one of Ashreal‘s Walls of Ice.
Author: Eric