Back into the Underdark

  1. Leave Gwydiesin‘s grove with promise to return.
  2. Griften teleports party to the underdark (where he scried S’Thiss days earlier) and they begin to make their way deeper into the underdark.
  3. Come upon pool, sneak across, Griften notices ripple, fight with aboleth.
  4. J’afrock lowers water and gets Dominated by Aboleth, cutting deep into GriftenAshreal crushes aboleth (as air elemental?) and Domination wears off.
  5. Heroes look for treasure in bottom of pool, set upon by 4 or 5 drow scouts.
  6. J’afrock raises water and engages drow; killing three in 1 round (cleave roxxorz).
  7. Ashreal summons 3 dire bears who just do nothing.
  8. Discover Herenkar is asleep (poisoned) and Griften teleports him back to Oytwood near Citadel for poison to wear off.
  9. Continue down, and dispel glyph, fight spiders then realize we’re at drow outpost (current confrontation).
  10. Griften summons a few Constructs, with instructions to go and engage the Drow that are firing their crossbows from ledges above
  11. Ashreal launches a waterball up at the drow, and they are stunned by the blast
  12. the astral constructs get caught in the webbing that is holding aloft the massive citadel
  13. J’afrock meets one of the drow on a lower ledge and destroys him in a round
  14. As more reinforcements charge the webs that surround the tower, the heroes quickly realize that their fight would be through hundreds of Drow instead of only a few.  The well-protected outpost could prove too dangerous to continue inwards to save Talen
  15. with a quick shout, Griften calls for J’afrock to fly down to them so they can retreat down the corrider to regain their composure.
  16. Exposed and vulnerable, the heroes collect back in the hallway and seal themselves off with one of Ashreal‘s Walls of Ice.
Author: Turnerbuds