Beleg: The History

Ambitious, vain, and courageous – Beleg undertook the practice and oath of the bladesingers at the prestigious Blaancequine School of Martial Arts in Celene. Always a bit of an outcast, Beleg felt that he never truly fit in with the rigid strictures of Celene’s elite fighters. Reluctantly, Beleg decided to leave the school in search of Master Bladesinger, Prince Melf Brightflame. However, after a few dangerous missions in the Lost Lands, Beleg also lost the favour of the infamous bladesinger. His selfish, arrogant ways were not compatible with Prince Melf‘s band of heroes. Spurned and embittered, Beleg joined the Ministry of the Blade in an effort to gain more power and prove his detractors wrong.

However, in a fateful and tragic encounter with the Deck of Many Things, Beleg lost all his possessions, most importantly his antique Elven Frostbrand Longsword.

The loss unhinged Beleg somewhat and he now roams the Flanaess in search of his treasured heirloom.

Author: Sanj