Blood is Thicker…

kal 28
125 elven (early 30s)
40 azizullah
17 faruq
22 printz

Yasmi; the second favourite wife of the Grand Caliph

beautiful elven woman, so beautiful in fact, we’ve seen her before.
4 favoured wives his most, young woman Tanya is #1, Yasmee is #2

met her in the city of Wasat
saved them from burglars, they were in no real danger
something has happened, but no one must know
the security of Zakhara itself
Kadarasto set upon by being much more powerful and dangerous
TOok Tanya Hostage
Kadarasto is known for it’s slave trade
yasmee can’t scry his sister
She has to go into the city itself to look for her
highly unlikely they know who the have; if they did and they were smart, they’d simply let her go
if they’re stupid, they walk in front of her unmasked & unveiled, they would have to kill her

needs help to bring her back to Huzuz to never speak of this mission again.
Faruq & his brothers were such men.

Tanya gave him 2 girls, raised in some mountain fortress far away. NO male heir
Neglecting his duties, and tried to get an heir.
It’s sad… they love the Grand Caliph more than people ike Justin Trudeau, and they don’t tlak about it, but they’re also worried what’s going to happen if he dies

and there’s no heir.
His uncle, Prince Tanos would assume the throne; a great scheming tactitican, he doesn’t have any heirs either.
So getting Tanya back is of even more importance.

Kadarasto is found in the old kingdoms

Whoever owns this hideout did have some sort of shipment coming in. Doesn’t say what it is, but the units are to be in particularly good shape.
Checked the bodies; common criminals with nothing of note.
Moved bodies into back room to

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