Camila’s Mansion

  • The heroes unleash devastating powers and crush the Curator before he has a chance to escape
  • puki explores the throne for any secrets – and underneath the throne, there’s a big axe!
    • puki recognizes the dwarven axe of vengeance – used to execute dwarven prisoners
    • champion – while you hit when you are staggered, you do an extra 2d6 damage
  • because the heroes have only the same way out as they came in
  • Because of its hidden naature, it seems clear that this was where trials they did NOT want seen were held
  • clearly meant for some sort of secret justice
  • the heroes leave the dwarven vault the same way they came in
  • in the top of the map, the heroes target a set of doorways carved into the wall of the pit – they look more like paintings than anything…
  • Legion has no idea what the magic is, but Idris seems certain that placing a hand on it would not hurt him.  Ther is no shock, but a golden outline appears aall around his hand, and he felt as though it tried to ‘read’ him
  • idris ggets the sense that the magic on the door is ‘checking you out’ to see if you’re allowed to come in
  • Legion tries the same as idris but gets the same impression
  • the heroes go to the left and Nidalru is certrain there’s a trap, and that it almost certainly is a trap.  Interested in that it may lead further down into the dungeon, Legion triggers it with Mage Hand, and a vast gale starts drawing the heroes in, but all are able to resist.
  • Moving then to another set of hte doors/portals, Puki is certain based on his intuition that these doors are likely leading upwards – perhaps the doorrrway to the witches’ abode?
  • a golden glow attracts the heroes attention from atop a pyramid of skulls, surrounded by spikes/tusks, so the heroes steer clear of this
  • Chooosing to find someone who perhaps can help to open the painting portals, the heroes approach a manor house, they each find their wisdom tested
  • Merian, Legion and Nidalru are sure therrre is movement inside the tubular building, but they continue to
  • a shimmering white shield protects the structure
  • legion is not sure it’s warding, so sends his minionn into the veil,
  • the veil parts and the cstle seems clearer now, as if no longer in stasis
  • Entering, the heroes see s ahost of undead


after the battle, legion and everyone else feel like they were famlilar with teh palce, but no one could placed it exactly where

beautifully hallway, statues along the walls, meant to be highly impressive when you walk in.  As they do, you hear a soothing voice echoing through the hallways, “My descendants, yo’ure not supposed to be here”.

Many of the statues animate


THe heroes choose to explore the mansion a bit further, and after Nidalru checks for traps, Merian bravely opens them.


THe Lich count speaks, but only Merian seems to be able to make some sense of it –

The heroes look over the figures of the battle – looking in particular at the ruined body of the lich count

  • Idris looks over the robes more closely – but cannot place what it is
  • Legion ⊕ uses a Conflicted 6 with The Archmage ⊕ to recall that this is Camila’s tower – this is her tenuous grasp to reality – the vampires were wearing heraldry from the powerful knights of the empire
  • Legion ⊕ uses a Negative 6 with The Lich King ⊕ to identify and understand how to destroy the Lich Count’s phylactery

LIh Count had 2 magic items

  • staff of the overlord
  • gravve dirt girdle

Merian is using Nidalru‘s tips & tricks to search the bodies of hte old empire guards – and she realizes this is what you needed to bypass the barrier – if it’s attuned to the artalins, then these old warriors would qualify.  Severing one of their hands, the heroes take it all and return, moving across – avoiding the thundering giaants

  • 2 are walking towards the manor house – quickly dodging them and resting in the treasury.
  • Arriving back at the magic door, and Merian wonders… if her hand could trigger the opening.  Using the severed hand, there is a single-file corridor in the rock – that’s all there is
  • Marble hall is a magnificant manor house, the gardens meticulously kept, large stone walls and doors, crafted beautifully and the heroes are reminded that it was Camila’s power that kept
  • in front of the door,s we found signs of past battles, the witch might be keeping it from being absorbed, but it doesn’t mean the Stone Thief hasn’t been trying.  Exotic monsters, orcs and more lie outside, spell debris, at least 4 waves of attacks.
  • the doors were impressive – made by the finest dwarven craftsman – tall enough for giants, and covered in plates of gold and adaman
  • Nidalru checks for traps – none to be found
  • Merrian simply goes up and knocks… and the doors recognize her… and they slowly open


THe hallwya is beautiful – statues and maeant to be impressive – a voice calls out – my descendents – you’re not supposed to be here yet –




Author: Turnerbuds