Who played the character? A few of us may have shared!

Protected: NYMERIA

Daxam, Knight of The Crusader, Ser

Stephen Huth

Peter of House Aerling

Stone Thief Aftermath

New Faces and Magic Pixie Mud



Thaliyah Drayel

Mech Shezzan

Cillian Serper

13th Age 2nd Edition Conditions

Laudralic: Highlights & Bloopers

Laudralic: The History

Laudralic Vorhai


Protected: Visions in Time

Protected: Not Quite as Advertised

Protected: Nov.24 Session

Protected: Heroes of Ironfort!

Protected: The Serpent’s Tale, Part III


The Serpent’s Tale, Part II

The Serpent’s Tale, Part I

Staying at Anvil (or Forge?!)

The Fall of Hildebrande

Waiting for Cloud Giants

Interrogating a Rakshasa

Stone Thief Notes

Back and Forth!

Protected: Return to the Maw

Idris Looks for Answers

Waiting for you

Protected: The Koru Behemoth

A Job for Viper Celia

Protected: In Pursuit of More Answers

The Sword of Light: Reforged!

Protected: Against the Stone Thief

Protected: The Casila Plot

Interviewing Casila: Real or Fake?

New Learning: The Stone Thief

New Things You Have Learned About the Stone Thief

A Question of Morality

En Route

A Welcome Back to Hildebrande

Waurren: Highlights & Bloopers

Waurren: The History


Othorion: Highlights & Bloopers

Othorion: The History

Othorion Tyvollus

Maximus: Highlights & Bloopers

Maximus: The History

Maximus Decimus Meridius

Haladavar: Highlights & Bloopers

Haladavar: The History


Fastion: Highlights & Bloopers

Fastion: The History


Ehlanna: Highlights & Bloopers

Ehlanna: The History


I Must Return…

Attack Aftermath

Protected: 2020-07-07

Yarrell: Highlights & Bloopers

Yarrell: The History


A Premonition?

What you learned from Garta the Goblin and The Doorkeeper


Resting & Reflecting

A Difference of Opinion

Astrid: Highlights & Bloopers

Astrid: The History



Protected: Slaying of the Basilisk

Protected: 2020-04-15 – The Undaunted – Dual Campaign Session & WELCOME MAX!

Merian: Highlights & Bloopers

Merian: The History

Merian Urankhorn

Rainier: Highlights & Bloopers

Rainier: The History

Rainier Wolfcastle

Minoru: Highlights & Bloopers

Minoru: The History


Magnus: Highlights & Bloopers

Magnus: The History

Magnus Darkblood

Gallydyn: Highlights & Bloopers

Gallydyn: The History

Gallydyn Beluar

Ereveron: Highlights & Bloopers

Ereveron: The History


Brath: Highlights & Bloopers

Brath: The History


Protected: The Siege of Harrowdale

No Rest for the Wicked and the Good Don’t Need Any

Protected: Fate Still Follows


Seekers of the Lost: Ended

Michael-DE: Highlights & Bloopers

Michael-DE: The History



Protected: Exploring the Dream Theater

Protected: Leaving the Dead Vaults

Protected: Brewery Aftermath

Puki: Highlights & Bloopers

Puki: Wish List

Puki: The History


Nidalru: The History

Nidalru Phiendath

Idris: Highlights & Bloopers

Idris: The History


Aegeus: Highlights & Bloopers

Aegeus: The History


Protected: Kane’s Guises

A Leaf on the Wind

Where Do We Go From Here?

Information Faruq gleans from The Lions of Tomorrow

Lions of Tomorrow Notes from Kazerabet

Protected: 20th Level Madness!

Spilling the Beans

Protected: Bringing the Fight Home

The Warehouse Aftermath

Protected: Midnight

Protected: Another Avenger!

Protected: 2019-06-28-original

Dr. Strange: Highlights & Bloopers

Dr. Strange: The History

Stephen Strange, Dr.

Next Steps

Protected: Eric’s 13th Age Primer

Protected: 13th Age – Map – The Dragon Empire

Protected: 13th Age – Combat & Character Sheets

Xanrick: Highlights & Bloopers

Xanrick: The History


Kullen: Highlights & Bloopers

Kullen: The History


Irrevrykal: Highlights & Bloopers

Irrevrykal: The History


Dane: Highlights & Bloopers

Dane: The History

Dane Stormbringer

Benedict: Highlights & Bloopers

Benedict: The History


Protected: Bairwin

Protected: Order of the Gauntlet, The

Protected: Still Striking!

Protected: A Pre-Emptive Strike – Dual Session

Protected: Balgron the Fat

Protected: The Heart of the Volcano

Protected: A Dragon…

Continuation from Our Story So Far

Our Tale, Such As It Has Been Told, Part III

Faruq Requesting An Audience

The Lions of Tomorrow

Protected: F2F – The Volcano, Part V

Not Strong Enough

Sulayman Describes First Meeting Mamoon

Protected: F2F – The Volcano, Part IV

Magnus-NP: Highlights & Bloopers

Magnus-NP: The History

Magnus-NP – RIP

Avakiss: Highlights & Bloopers

Avakiss: The History




After the Bone Pavillion

Protected: The Volcano, Part III

Protected: The Volcano, Part II

Protected: Mission #4: The Volcano

Protected: Unnamed Fringe Episode 4

Protected: Aboard the Enemy Ship

The Dao of the Ferry

Protected: Attack of the Clones – Part 2

Sonny: Highlights & Bloopers

Sonny: The History


Korg: Highlights & Bloopers

Korg: The History


Protected: Unnamed Fringe Episode 3

Vondal: Highlights & Bloopers

Vondal: The History

Vondal Rumnaheim

Jon Snow: Highlights & Bloopers

Jon Snow: The History

Jon Snow

Fiona: Highlights & Bloopers

Fiona: The History


Aiden: Highlights & Bloopers

Aiden: The History


A Conversation

The Abduction

The Return to Huzuz: Printz

The Return to Huzuz: Roheen

The Return to Huzuz: Azizullah

Protected: Wahid Minaa (One of Us)

The Return to Huzuz: Kal

The Return to Huzuz: Faruq

Protected: A Debt Paid and a Woman Freed

Our Tale, Such As It Has Been Told, Part II


Equal Pay for Equal Work

Roheen: Highlights & Bloopers

Roheen: The History

Roheen Ademi

Kal: Highlights & Bloopers

Kal: The History


Azizullah: Highlights & Bloopers

Azizullah: The History


The Dropship


Protected: The Cave of Depravity

Protected: In Search of the Prisoners

Zero: Highlights & Bloopers

Zero: The History


Protected: Human Trafficking

A Miserable Day

Arndithas: Highlights & Bloopers

Arndithas: The History


Tana: Highlights & Bloopers

Tana: The History


Fringe Benefit

A Hallowe’en Epilogue

My Deepest Sympathies

Our Tale, Such As It Has Been Told, Part I

Printz: Highlights & Bloopers

Printz: The History


Useless and Ugly, Part II

Useless and Ugly, Part I

The Draakhorn #2

The Frozen Cavern, Part 5

The Frozen Cavern, Part 4

The Frozen Cavern, Part 3

The Frozen Cavern, Part 2

The Frozen Cavern, Part 1

Finnius: Highlights & Bloopers

Finnius: The History

Finnius McGuffin

Ioan: Highlights & Bloopers

Ioan: The History

Ioan Starkhaven, Brother

Th’mugen: Highlights & Bloopers

Th’mugen: The History

Th’mugen Hightower

Among the Clouds

The Oasis

D’aro: Highlights & Bloopers

D’aro: The History


Life, Death, and Consequences in the Land of Fate

Zephyr: Highlights & Bloopers

Zephyr: The History

Zephyr al’Dorim

Sulayman: Highlights & Bloopers

Sulayman: The History

Sulayman Ash-Shaulah

Guzman: Highlights & Bloopers

Guzman: The History

Guzman Gleb

Faruq: Highlights & Bloopers

Protected: Faruq: The History

Faruq al-Kafir

Chaka: Highlights & Bloopers

Chaka: The History

Chaka Kanye – RIP

Akeylah: Highlights & Bloopers

Akeylah: The History


Al-Qadim Primer

The Evil Eye


Protected: 2016-01-25-original

Another Diary Entry

In My Heart

The Cycle of Life, Death, and Renewal

Protected: 2015-11-22

Damn It All

Close to Kethra

Catching Breath

Escape from Castle Ravenloft

Protected: The Darkness Lifts

Protected: To Sausage or Not to Sausage

Protected: The Drawbridge

The Vistani Fortunes

Milo: Highlights & Bloopers

Milo: The History

Milo Tokeson

Protected: The Arch Psion

Protected: The Pathwalker

Protected: The Ascendant

Protected: Revised Ranger

The Dream

Mhardaveth: Highlights & Bloopers

Protected: Mhardaveth: The History


A Journey Interrupted

Melissandre’s Diary

The Assault

Castle Naerytar

To Elturel!

What Lies Beneath…

Meditational Reflections

Aftermath – Leaving Greenest

Journal 40 Entry 29

Journal 40 Entry 28

The First Diary Entry

Rumble in the Temple #2

Let the Games Begin!

I Need a Hero!

Zane: Highlights & Bloopers

Zane: The History

Zane Sevenstrings

Thorogrim: Highlights & Bloopers

Protected: Thorogrim: The History

Thorogrim Lifeforge

Serevinn: Highlights & Bloopers

Serevinn: The History


Melissandre: Highlights & Bloopers

Melissandre: The History


Kindra: Highlights & Bloopers

Kindra: The History

Kindra GreenLeaf

Dusk in the Camp

The Raider Camp

The Tribesman

Making Friends

40 Rescues & 1.5 Dragons

Another Campaign Begins!

Yorword: Highlights & Bloopers

Yorword: Wish List

Yorword: The History


Kethra: Highlights & Bloopers

Kethra: Wish List

Kethra: The History

Kethra Goldenscale

Carver: Highlights & Bloopers

Carver: Wish List

Carver: The History


Brock: Highlights & Bloopers

Brock: Wish List

Brock: The History


To the Keep!

Protected: Roll20 gets Rolling


Whisper: Highlights & Bloopers

Whisper: The History


Scribe: Highlights & Bloopers

Protected: Scribe: The History


Luther: Highlights & Bloopers

Luther: The History

Luther Tallstag

Foluwa: Highlights & Bloopers

Foluwa: The History

Foluwa Mfundo

Arobyn: Highlights & Bloopers

Arobyn: The History


We Fall, We Rise

The Tale of Jhaelant

New Faces

Norraddin: Highlights & Bloopers

Norraddin: The History


Olivia: Highlights & Bloopers

Olivia: The History


Chaedi: Highlights & Bloopers

Chaedi: The History



Old Pains and New Friends

Strange Metal Disc Amulet

Letter: Hallomak to the Black Eagles

Letter: Hallomak to Dragonborn Group

Part XIV: The Story of Morpheus


Part XIII: The Arrival of Eranah

Eranah: Highlights & Bloopers

Eranah: The History


Part XII: Tunnel Rats

Bhintel: Highlights & Bloopers

Bhintel: The History


Part XI: The Warlord

Michael: Highlights & Bloopers

Michael: The History


Part X: The Invoker

Bahl: Highlights & Bloopers

Bahl: The History


Part IX: The Road to Gardmore

Part VIII: A Chance Encounter

Fynn: Highlights & Bloopers

Fynn: The History

Phenton “Fynn” Luckmaker

Part VII: The Toll

Part VI: Friend or Foe?

A Vision of Death

missed session?

Part V: Otherworldly Signs

Letter: Kelana Dhoram to Ernest Padraig

Part IV: Fate’s Path

Part III: Clearing the Air

Part II: Revelations

Part I: The Red Star

MUSIC: Piss On U

Krom – RIP

The Rescued Prisoners

An Intercepted Letter

Letter: Hallomak to The Winter Guard


Izera: Highlights & Bloopers

Izera: The History

Izera of the Vault

Protected: Erevas Says Goodbye

The Rebuilding Begins, Part III

The Rebuilding Begins, Part II

The Rebuilding Begins, Part I

Erevas: Highlights & Bloopers

Erevas: The History


The Bard and the Seeker

Platinum Revelation

Death to Undeath

Wrafton’s Inn

MUSIC: Here We Come


Mordekai: Highlights & Bloopers

Mordekai: The History


Leaving Thunderspire

MUSIC: Orbital

Idle Musings…

Solomon Revealed!

MUSIC: Failure

Decisions & Doubts

A Storm on the Horizon

Protected: The Bell

Blinding Crimson

MUSIC: Wifey

MUSIC: Solar

MUSIC: Soaring

A Desperate Bargain

Confusion and Chaos

Return to the Hall

We Are So Close

MUSIC: Our Travels Thus Far

Un Autre Session

Where One’s Life Leads

Protected: Follow the Pink Rapier

This Humbled Servant

Protected: Deeper Into the Keep

Notes: Winterhaven

The Vampire Mind

Odus: Highlights & Bloopers

Odus: The History


Kane: Highlights & Bloopers

Kane: The History


Isak: Highlights & Bloopers

Isak: The History


Garrick: Highlights & Bloopers

Garrick: The History



Protected: The Reckoning, Part Three

… and the Quiet After…

Family Ties

Protected: The Dim Triad

The Boy is Gone

Keep Them Safe

Protected: An Unpaid Debt

Protected: The Soul Eater

To Right a Wrong – Part II

Ozrik: Highlights & Bloopers

Ozrik: The History


News from Celene

The Power Within

To Serve and Protect

The Road Goes Ever On

The Introduction

The Hidden Temple

Individual Glimpses

Brave Deeds

Protected: You Belong To Me Now

Protected: Stonefield, Ormus, Jaran, and more!

Protected: Missed a Session

The Calm Before the Silverstorm – Part 1

Since then…


The Gatekeepers

Still… secrets…


Protected: The Trail of Five Darknesses

Protected: Horadrim, The

Protected: Triumph

Protected: The Mirror

Protected: The Last Day

Protected: The Ransom

Those Who Sit Above in Shadow

Protected: The Search Goes Far Afield

Protected: … of Shades

Protected: … of the Shadowfell

Legion: Highlights & Bloopers

Protected: Legion: The History


Heathen – The End of Naarash

The Feywild

Morpheus: Highlights & Bloopers

Morpheus: The History


Somewhere Else on the Sea of Swords

Somewhere on the Sea of Swords

Berdusk, A Few Weeks Earlier


A Letter From Cobb

Omarlyn Khan


Bartholomew Rhum

Gerrick Greystone


ABC Facility Plans and Other Tidbits

Greg’s D20 Modern Char: Highlights & Bloopers

Greg’s D20 Modern Char: The History

Greg’s D20 Modern Char

Eric’s D20 Modern Char: Highlights & Bloopers

Eric’s D20 Modern Char: The History

Eric’s D20 Modern Char

Jarod Andrews: Highlights & Bloopers

Jarod Andrews: The History

Jarod Andrews

Protected: The Recurring Dream

In the Meantime…


Elias: Highlights & Bloopers

Elias: The History


Tyrion: Highlights & Bloopers

Tyrion: The History

Tyrion Brax


Aamraq: Highlights & Bloopers

Protected: Aamraq: The History


Varis: Highlights & Bloopers

Varis: The History


Torinn: Highlights & Bloopers

Torinn: The History