Category: Ironfire, Part I

The Dwarf King has managed to capture a meteorite without it damaging anything or unleashing the star-masks from within. He is willing to sell the meteorite to whichever icon or icons meet his demands.

For months strange meteorites have been raining down upon the Dragon Empire. Out of the sky, rocks crawl strange creatures that have come to be known as ‘star-masks’, parasitic creatures that latch onto the faces of other beings and take over their minds and bodies. The star-masks have the ability to puppet the dead and living alike and can warp reality to create star-mask brains that act as the centre of their hives.

The Archmage has sent adventurers out to investigate the meteorites and the creatures, but so far has no solution to the growing problem of star-mask incursions. The other icons are starting to question the Archmage’s ability to solve the problem, especially as the meteorites seem to originate from an astral phenomenon known as the ‘Archmage’s Comet’.

The Dwarf King has let it be known that he has captured one of these meteorites – intact! He is willing to sell the intact meteorite to the highest bidder. The Dwarf King says he’ll give preference to the Emperor, so naturally, every other icon has sent a delegation to bid for the meteorite – whoever uncovers the secrets of the star-masks will gain great power.