Chaka Kanye – RIP

Chaka was originally found in an orphanage. When she quite innocently asked why the head of the orphanage was keeping much of the money given to the orphanage, she was expelled in a rage.


She is fun loving and warm-hearted, and does her best to help others in need. Although you wouldn’t know it if you were to read her rigid posture, and expressionless face.

She is always well groomed, and is very obedient, doing what is asked of her for her family. Her family’s needs will always come before her own, which she does happily; she loves her family unconditionally.

She was the first of Auntie’s children to be adopted at the age of 2 years, and she is also the eldest. Her siblings call her whatever they like, but most of the time she goes by Chaka.

She is also a lesbian but has never dated, nor does she wish to for it would only get in the way of her duties to Auntie and the family and to her worship to the temple of 1000 gods.

Race_id: 8
Gender_id: 2

Class5e: Cleric
Level: 6
Adv_company: The Orphans

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