Chasing Down the Stragglers

Spider Magic and Monkey Wrenches

The party has reached the best spot in the orcish camp to cause chaos and send the orcs off on a wild elf chase. Xanth (if he is still alive) sets about casting his spider magic, and there are several ways the party can help with the sabotage mission:

  1. Set fire to tents
  2. Run about shouting in orcish
  3. Secure a way out of the camp to flee through
  4. Place hazards and traps for the confused orcs to stumble into

The havoc caused by the adventurers is awe-inspiring and frightening, but there is no time to dawdle; the party must hightail it out of the orc camp. Give each player a moment to narrate the details of their escape, and tell them about the chaos that they see on the way (that they helped to create). In addition, have each character face at least one of the following hazards on the way out based on how they describe their escape.

Fighting Retreat

The characters must escape back through the spreading chaos, facing the roused camp and the chaos that they have created. As they flee through the camp the adventurers come across a knot of orcs who are preventing their escape.

Pit-Spawn Orc, Orc Berserker


Strangers in the Night

On the way back from their mission the party must cross a bridge guarded by an unattended elven watch-tower. On the other side of the bridge is a group of elves in regalia that is clearly not related to Briarfort.

Elf Grunt, Elf Acolyte


The sabotage by the adventurers has tricked the orcs into heading in the wrong direction. Warleader Baelgar has a plan to wipe out the orcs so that the Elves can hurry on to fulfil the treaty obligations with the Dwarf King. The adventurers through attrition and competence have found themselves at the forefront of the fighting on numerous occasions and tales of their encounters have spread through the army.

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