Climbing the Tree

NOTE: Max isn’t playing so obviously Merian is scouting ahead ~100ft 🙂

  1. heroes on their way up the tree to find the teleportation circle the high elves used to leave The Stone Thief
  2. Niobe warns the heroes as they climb to be wary of the dangers of the three – it is not to be trusted
  3. Asked not to do any structural damage to the tree
  4. see a light in the trunk of the tree – glowing, but Legion‘s light spell made it disappear
  5. further up, a crushing weight of depression and loss washes over heroes
  6. Puki crafts a symbol in the three to try and put the spirits at peace, but it only serves to ruin their ambush


  1. The heroes ascend to the top observatory with Legion‘s Levitate
  2. far to the north of the empire
  3. they were in the presence of the occultist – of which there’s only one
  4. fighting creatures that live between the stars
  5. use mind-bending powers to take over people – and… oh no…
  6. you’re not alone in this room – several related creatures are here with you.
  7. some of the black parts were slithering and moving… whatever the high elves were investigating… they were also travelling the comet… they tapped into some of ‘that stuff’ and some is stuf you should not tap into….


  1. overworld scale that gives +2 MD, and (recharge 16+) when touched to the user’s skin as a free action, gives a brief burst of rejuvenating energy that ensures that the user heals the maximum hit points when they next heal using a recovery.
  2. The observatory has many books
  3. One book describes the Inverse Observatory, a wonderful flying realm where storm giants study the world below with cunning instruments. The observatory’s magical sight can even penetrate the earth and see the things that crawl beneath the hills and plains and seas. A marginal note suggests that the Inverse Observatory could locate and track dangerous living dungeons like the Stone Thief. Another marginal note, in different handwriting, comments on the first note, saying that such a scheme is utter folly, that the storm giants never permit outsiders to use the observatory, and that only a band of crazy, foolhardy adventurers would even contemplate such a hopeless quest. The first commenter responds that according to her astrological divinations, just such a band of crazy, foolhardy adventurers are destined to one day read this very book, and that their chances of surviving the Inverse Observatory are at least fifty-fifty. The note also suggests that they consult page 333, where there’s an almanac that predicts the movements of the Inverse Observatory for the next few weeks.
  4. There is a scroll that appears to be a horoscope…talking about a blending of star and shadow…
  5. There’s also a magical book, a Concordance of Auspicious Conjunctions. After every full heal-up, the reader may select any one ability score. All skill checks made using that ability score gain a +3 bonus. However, one other ability score (determined randomly or cruelly by the GM) takes a −3 penalty as it’s unlucky to do those things today. Quirk: Asks everyone what star sign they are, then makes cryptic notes that not even the character can decipher.

The heroes elect to use the teleportation device and enc up in a beautiful outdoor hall, beautiful marble pillars

Author: Joe Testing