Cornellion’s Betrayal

The heroes collect themselves after dissipating the shadow dragon conjured from the minds of Legion & Nidalru – a masterful defense mechanism – surely they are in the tower of a mage of great power.

  • Climb the natural embankment, lit by the phosphorescence of the fungi nearby
  • emerging into a vast cavern littered by bones of all shapes and sizes
  • large pyramidal stack of bones with a makeshift ramp atop which is a massive bone naga
  • the bone naga whispers dark words but even Legion can’t recognize them


Legion ⊕ uses a Conflicted 6 with The Archmage ⊕ to empower a Message cantrip to communicate to the master of the tower who was either listening or even watching: “Cornelius, master of the arcane – we come seeking your counsel – Seren Vi sent us on a mission directly from The Elf Queen herself – we come seeking your counsel in the arcane arts.:”

The Reply: “You carry the aura of my master… if you also wish to join the Undying Peerage, survive my tower and meet me atop, and THEN, we will decide who best serves the Lich King!!”

  • each flameskull has 100gp gems for eyes (400gp total)
  • Puki finds a necklace on the naga with words written in Elven – Nidalru recognizes it as an ancient elven word for ‘magician’ – the naga was a magician in life
  • Knock and Mage Hand fail – Legion determines that one must fuel the door with life force – Puki rolls 1d4 (4)
  • The heroes find themselves in Cornellion’s lair


  • Legion ACTUALLY dies – a critical on Circle of Death AND failed his save on golem reflect… what the actual fuck lol
  • the various equipment, books, etc worth something “in the know” – sold in Horizon or Eldolan – definitely worth some stuff
  • Small wooden chest – coins & gems for making purchases in far-off places – small pouch of mixed gems – 300sp – +2 rune – wood box with glass heart (probably his phylactery)
  • Cornellion’s body – 5 gold rings on his fingers – 1 is certainly magical (Ring of Defense)
  • Going through the books – he has done A LOT of magic and research on how to shield oneself from prying eyes
  • quite confident that if we got this material to someone else… maybe….
  • Examining the mirror:
    • Nidalru feeling confused… regretful about what happened to Legion
    • Approaching the mirror: Sees herself and background changes… she’s in much more formal wear – some sort of funeral procession – you just know there are these 4 skeletal beings – carrying a coffin – two long poles with cloth in the middle – know Legion is in there – there’s a crowd of people… the crowd is all wearing dark hohods and they have cloaks drawn – walking through a street with legion’s coffin on top
    • You catch in the crowd, one of them pulls back their hood – it’s the Elf Queen – she looks directly at you – she looks to her left… 7 ppl down – draw their hood – you juts see their chin – OMG it’s the Prince of Shadows! – but before his face is revealed – the image stops and you’re back
    • Nidalru is shocked at the sight
    • Nidalru‘s eyes go cartoonishly wide – hair stands up – jaw drops cartoonishly long
    • SNAP – image is back – normal again
    • Nidalru‘s thoughts continue to race – trying to figure things out, her image changes – now wearing glasses and wearing a librarian’s robe – a background of books and stacks
    • Nidalru tries something
      • She tries to imagine being difficult to detect
      • at first, you imagine magical sensors starting to missing you, then guards missing you at just the right time
      • the image in the mirror starts taking on a misty, blurry aspect
      • You look at your body, and your body doesn’t have any physical change – but definitely a change in the mirror
      • Reaching out to the mirror, the smoky, indistinct shadow travels up from the image in the mirror through the plane of the mirror and into Nidalru‘s actual arm
      • Steeling herself, Nidalru holds her arm still, allowing the process to complete
      • Letting go of the mirror, your body turns to its normal appearance, but inside… you feel… different.
  • Nidalru ⊕ uses a Conflicted 6 with The Priestess ⊕ to get David‘s spirit to transfer Nidalru‘s remaining lifeforce (recoveries) to bring him back from the brink of death – allowing Puki to then revive him
    • Legion looks into the mirror
      • smaller, more hunched over, diminutive
      • frustration: taller, stronger, muscles bulging, eyes glowing red, mouth baring teeth, smoke coming out of my ears
      • this mirror has many magical properties but definitely one of them is to be able to re-imagine one of the aspects of herself
      • Nidalru describes the process, and Legion asks her what she was thinking of – the Prince of Shadows, he can never be caught, etc.
      • legion suspects that this is something that Cornellion made that helps at least in some cases with being not detected
      • because she was very good at imagine being non-detected, and allowed that image to seep over herself, and that ended up to be the case.
  • Heroes decide to bring Cornellion’s phylactery to the Elf Queen to report on his betrayal, then return to Hildebrande to ask of the dwarves if they can put us in touch with a master forger
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