Darius Graymore, Sir

Currently: Leader of the cavalry at Blazebane on the Almorian Front

Character Stats

  • Affiliation: Church of Parthen
    Height: 6′ 2″
    Weight: 212 lbs.
    Age: 36
    Eyes: Brown
    Race_id: 9
    Gender_id: 1
    Alive_dead_id: Update
    Hair: Brown; tinges of Gray
    Skin: Slight tan
    Alignment_id: Lawful Good
    Religion: Parthen the Protector
    Class1e: —
    Class2e: TBD
    Class3e: Ranger / Fighter / Paladin / Knight of the Chalice
    Class35e: Ranger / Fighter / Paladin / Knight of the Chalice
    Class4e: Paladin (Cavalier)
    Class5e: TBD
    Level: 19
    Adv_company: The Scourge of the Underdark, The Ministry of the Blade
    Campaign: Update
    Father: Bremen
    Mother: Update
    Sibling1st: Update
    Sibling2nd: Update
    Sibling3rd: Update
    Spouse: Update
    Child1st: Update
    Child2nd: Update
    Child3rd: Update
    Setting: GH


Author: Turnerbuds