Deeper into the Krak

The heroes enter what seems like a winery, and after a short investigation, Chaka finds a flash shadow of a humanoid creature.

—25gold dinars
—silver ring
— fine dagger
small key on a leather string, caught on a chair (accidentally) (in the locked room)
Guzman finds a manual on Siege tactics

3x magic scrolls in the office

Saber from Wraith Commander
Small removable compartment: 16gp, 46pp, 4 small pearls, tiny jewelled tobacco box with fine tobacco

Jambiya are magical (+1) – Chaka
Saber are magical (+1) – Zephyr
Runes strong summoning magic
Suit of Armor – Lamellar – Splint Mail (Armor of the Desert Evening – Keep its wearer in a state of cool)



Author: Turnerbuds