Discovery Starts at the Top!

Things found in Casila‘s Tower:

  • Sketches of the behemoth Ston7eroost, copies of obscure scrolls describing the cultural practices of the barbarian tribes, and lore bottles from Nomad all point to Casila‘s interest in the Koru behemoths.
  • A half-burned scrap of paper details her speculation that the Stone Thief would be unable to overcome the shell-shaper charms, and that she could safeguard Marble hall against being assimilated by the Stone Thief
  • The most extensive set of notes are on Casila‘s creation of a magical reliquary that contains the essence of the dungeon.
  • To obtain this essence, she traded with the Prince of Shadows, and was able to tap a fraction of the dungeon from the Eye in his possession.
  • She then laboriously cultured this tiny speck of dungeon ectoplasm into something powerful enough to serve as her connection to the dungeon
  • also found a Lore Bottle (needs to be ready when someone dies, kill them and interrogate their soul)

Legion opens the chest and is knocked into a coma

Inside chest:

  • Beautiful ornate key
  • crown – elegant circlet of silver, sapphires, onyx and a ruby
  • more powerful relationship with 3, more powerful is gets
    if you have a relationship with three you can keep fighting at cost of long-term health
    +1 MD for each relationship die with the Witch’s icon patron. Forged for the Witch of Marblehall, this elegant circlet of silver and sapphires fortifies the wearer’s soul, enabling them to endure the most horrific trials. Recharge 16+: When reduced to 0 hit points, you may stay conscious and keep fighting, but in exchange, you permanently reduce your maximum recoveries by one every time you use this power. You still die when you are reduced to negative half your starting hit points. Quirk: Both your flesh and your soul become as hard and cold as marble.
Author: Turnerbuds