Dragon Eggs

The heroes explore the Shrine to Tiamat and discover several arcane eggs and their unlikely guardian…

  • Whisper inspected the chest and immediately noticed it was trapped.
  • inspecting the statue, noticed the mechanism to thwart would-be robbers
  • disabled the trap with incredible ease
  • scribe consumed by drawings of dragons and sketched some into his book
  • Luther inquired what was in the chest, Whisper reluctant initially to share as she was able to open, not the party
  • Luther said we are a cohesive group, all loot should be shared, and Whisper relented
  • Scribe healed Foluwa and gave Luther a potion of Healing
  • Wandered into next room and found drakes guarding eggs behind locked gate below. Began pelting them but attention drawn to kobolds in sunken area nearby
  • killed kobolds then slowly killed drakes as well
  • Scribe got key and he and Luther went down to inspect eggs. Found one to be black dragon
  • Foluwa joined them and confirmed 2nd egg was Red Dragon
  • Luther destroyed both eggs; Foluwa left (found distasteful), Scribe was sick to his stomach in corner
  • As scribe & luther go to leave, a massive Roper descended from stalctite; waiting expectantly to be fed.
  • offering up corpses of kobolds and drakes, roper seemed waiting for someone to complete agreement (stay and be fed)
  • Arobyn fetched winged kobold tied up in other area and told him to stay; his life would be spared
  • Kobold mentioned “3rd egg” so heroes investigated hatchery further; found brass/copper egg; not a dragon egg!
  • Heroes secured it in kobold area, then left to find priestess
  • Whisper led them to unexplored area, climbed rope ladder to hidden room above
  • Confronted priestess; initial crit from Whisper & she ran to be covered by her minions and heal herself
  • Whittled through minions and confronted her again; this time powered-up with aura of fiendish servants
  • heroes relentlessly attacked; despite her cries of “Parley!”
  • Foluwa swatted table aside and criticalled her; bringing to an end her leadership
  • found directions and plans of where cult heading to next
  • some valuables
  • heroes will return to collect large egg and take back to Greenest before next stage
Author: Turnerbuds