During the Victory Celebrations

During the victory celebrations, a messenger arrives. A large orc force has entered the Queen’s Wood and is attacking a fort known as Briarfort. The army is still not assembled, and the court decides to send the adventurers to aid in the defense of the fort until the elven army can march; the party will be flown by eagle riders to the fort. They must leave right away. The adventurers reach Briarfort sometime before dawn and can see that there’s a battle already underway from the darts of flame and flares of magic blasting back and forth around the structure. Briarfort is a uniquely elven structure, a tree-top fortress surrounded by impenetrable thorny walls. The orcs have got into part of the fort and are preventing the elves inside from getting out to attack the orcs marching past outside. Only the adventurers are in a position to break the stalemate. The eagle riders set their passengers down in the fort.

Author: Turnerbuds

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