Ending the Song

Timeline: 14200

The heroes stand, panting, in front of the opened iron doors… the demon standing atop of the altar and the elders looking exultant in their victory.


  • says Jeskil doesn’t have a boss
  • been together for a year
  • Just want to summon demons to create chaos and hear ‘her’ song
  • says that while Archmage is buried in equations, and Lich king is raising mindless undead

there is

  • box of black candles
  • obsidian blood collection bowls
  • small iron box covered with demonic designs
    • 140gp
    • ritual blade with silver-forged gripset with blood red ruby in it
    • Jeskill’s private journal
  • separate pile (maybe from victims)
    • +1 rune (piece of stone with a glowing rune on it) – press it against armor or weapon – transfers the magic
    • +1 holy relic of destruction – implements for cle5rics/druids +1 to attack & dmg with holy spells
      • recharge 11 when hit with holy dmg, deal +1d10 extra holy damage
    • 2 bolts
      • Bitter bolts: A target struck by one of these barbed missiles takes a -2 penalty to all saves until the end of their next turn.
  • 5 cultists’ robes

Puki examines the journal; ravings about the end of the world and different amateurish interpretations of the ‘song’ they hear in their heads.  Every now and then, there are rational bits and pieces.

  • one of his fellow cultists made contact with Aerto – used divinations to see if he could suit their needs, even though he was a member of The Seekers of the Lost – including one member at The Dead Vaults
  • Determined he could be useful since he had his own secrets to hide
  • If ever Aerto proved problematic, they could speak to his master, Arlissa Thent… one of the lamplighters

The heroes decide to inform the Silvershields about the cult activity… and they ask them to clean it up.

Returning to their residence, they have a restless evening and wake the next morning with an agenda.  Milo reaches out to a member of the underworld here, and Nidalru reaches out to Malice, gaining the following information:

  • Arlissa Thent is a high ranking member of ll guild.
  • the guild is run by the same family for a long time; generations… a current highest ranking middle-aged guy named Garados
  • Not related to Arlissa, but Garados been doing less and less and turning over more and more to Arlissa
  • Ask any LL guild member why, despite her being humorless and never socializing, no one has more of a steel trap mind, sense of organization, than her.  Some people wonder if she sleeps, or if she’s even capable of smiling
  • get a physical description and sounds a lot like Milo’s dream
  • Since the attack on Hawker’s square, no one has seen her outside the LL guild building… wonder if she’s even left.
  • Arlissa has kinda like ‘groupies’ in the LL guild… people trying to suck-up to her… hangers-on… people trying to curry her favor.

The heroes also fence the stuff… automatic success… 100% of the stuff is worth.

… and meet Garados!

Author: Turnerbuds