Evil of the Fey – Part II

  • Part 2 of the Jellendra Assault:
  • We barely lived, was cool fight. Tanamier saved us all pulling heals out his ass. J’afrock was a meat shield, Caelynn was fairly useless cuz the class sux (new and improved coming soon to a dungeon near you). Griften ran around and moved shit around, I think he did the most damage of everyone. We all rolled terribly and it was close. We need better battlefield management, I mean we pretty much got ass raped. Hopefully new Caelynn can help, I got some very cool crowd control powers and can defend too. Ideally, I mark someone then we ignore them let them chase me around. Then we can all gang up on the enemies one at a time (with me and Jef flanking them). Maybe use some AOE’s to take the others out of play for a turn or two.   So we choose a target. I mark someone else (he should come and try to attack me now). AOE/crowd control the others. Tanamier buffs us/debuffs them. Jef and I flank the target we are on. Griften helps with CC/ AOE/damage.
  • When you’re THIS big, they call you Mr.
    We all rolled like complete losers (Greg gonna map bell curves from now on).  I Updated the loot sheet on our website if you’re interested.  Not all money is available right away until we return to Nyrond and/or Blazebane, but the #s include liquidated & replaced magic items.  Still have to decide who got the 2x Potions of Vitality.
    Dave that +3ac saved our bacon last night like 5 times, and we’ve rolled so badly in recent games that I’m not sure a striker missing would have helped much! 🙂
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