Exploring the Dream Theater


You check out the sturdiness of the bars blocking access to the chute the Dreammaster used to escape. Tough. Eventually, they would break, but it would require considerable effort and time, and you weren’t sure if he was retreating to a defensible position or escaping the theater altogether. Better to look for other avenues to find him.

Looking throughout the rest of the theater, there are three backstage storerooms, plus a latrine and an obvious trapdoor in a hallway floor that opens to reveal a set of stairs going down to the cellar. One storeroom is filled with old construction materials from the theater days and other debris. The other two have been converted into living quarters and a simple kitchen/eating area.

The living quarters hold food, drink, a pouch with 20 gp, and 3 packets of dreamleaf worth 30 gp each on the black market (according to Nidalru) or half that as a reward if handed over to the Archmage’s people (according to Legion)…and two threadbare robes: one is a dark blue robe that has a very faded Lamplighter’s Guild symbol on it, while the other is a tattered blue Eldritch Master’s robe.

There is also a back exit from the theater, but it’s boarded and nailed shut, with a pile of debris stacked against it from the inside.

The total coins on the assembled downed foes is 220 silver pieces.

Author: Turnerbuds